Re registering after BFG back in the UK

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by BRIAN, Dec 19, 2007.

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  1. Ok, at the moment I am waiting in the UK on leave for my paperwork to get sent on by our camps BFG clerk. I applied to De BFG about 3 1/2 weeks ago now and the paperwork did not come through by leave. Our clerk being helpful allowed me to leave a SAE for her to forward it onto.

    Anyway this is not my question, this is.

    When reregistering with the DVLA will they accept the new short term insurance policies, I am going to sell the car on you see.

    Also how does the whole process work is there anything I should look out for.

  2. I have just registered with DVLA with no problems. As long as you have an insurance certificate with the address in which you are registering then that is cool.

    I've registered 3 cars from BFG in total and I've had no bother with any of them.

    Insurance, MOT, BFG Card, that customs form (if its a tax free car) and possibly a utility bill or driving licence to show proof of address (only in some DVLA offices) then they are very helpful.

    You do have to fill in that nightmare form that they give you but I only filled in about 5 of the 60 or so boxes on that and they were alright with it.
  3. cheers for the info, i just spoke to the DVLA and they said that i can do the whole thing by post and use short term car insurance. So even if i am back in germany i can still get it done.
  4. i just told the chick in the dvla office i didnt know what i was doing with this big massive form and she did most of it for me and i just watched! easy!
  5. Hi, As you can see I'm new to the forums, Ref the above, has anybody got a definitive answer? I phoned DVLA and after 30mins of hold she told me I can't sell my car until the V5 arrives, but I know people have sold their cars within days of registering at Maidstone?

    This is all very confusing, if anybody could shed some light I would be very grateful :)
  6. BargainBucket, if you are selling your car to a dealer (or part-exing) you can use the dealers address for the V5 to go to.
    If you are selling it privately, just hang on untill it comes through, they are usually quite quick (well they have been for me).
  7. Thank you heidtheba, Didn't realise I could put the dealers address!
  8. No probs. The dealer should have let you know. The one I use sends you an info pack.
  9. Yes I would of thought so too! but I'm returning a tax-paid vehicle, and picking up a tax-paid vehicle, this has caused the confusion!
  10. Stands to reason really. You cant sell a car without the V5 because without the V5 you can neither prove you own the car not transfer the ownership to the purchaser.
  11. You don't need a V5 to sell a car, Google it.

    The V5 is the Vehicle Registration Document, which is proof the vehicle is registered in the UK as specified, and is kept by the registered keeper.

    Nothing to do with ownership at all, hence the "THIS DOCUMENT IS NOT PROOF OF OWNERSHIP" along the top!

    I would guess around 40% of cars are OWNED by someone else, company cars, finance, Hire Purchase, Rentals, Lease Cars etc etc.

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  12. 28B, you are, technically, correct. However....

    If anyone tried to sell me a car and didn't have the V5, I would swiftly show them the door. So would the vast majority of people involved in buying/selling of non-dodgy motors.

    A dealer with whom you have pre-arranged the sale and is aware of BFG etc might be an exception but I would not take it for granted.
  13. Well I've now sold the Car, thanks for all your help guys. I didn't actually need the V5 in the end, the garage were happy that I just forward it to them once I receive it!

    DVLA Maidstone give you a certificate of registration and the Garage used this as proof really, however I do advise that you check with the garage beforehand as like blokeonabike says not all garages are so understanding of the BFG system.