Re-qualify for resettlement

Before I go wading into the JSP when do you re-qualify for resettlement?

I completed 22 years and did all my resettlement, I then got a 6 month extension and at the end of that got a place on the Long Service List.

I remember reading somewhere that soldiers such as myself having previously completed resettlement would after an addition length of time re-qualify for the whole package again? Was this two years?

Am I right?

Many thanks
As far as I am aware, yes!
2 years from the original discharge date. Unless you continually do it, then it goes to 'higher authorities' to decide on if its considered appropriate.
I would have been happy to get it all just the once.
was one of the lucky ones. Did resettlement, was extended for a year, requalified on extension, made the money go much further the next time round.
Only did resettlement the first time round as I hadn't had confirmation from glasgow that i was staying on until a few weeks before the original date. Realising I could be out on my tod sans job/trg, I sorted out something quickly.

I was glad I had another chance to redo resettlement with a bit more planning, but when rules were changed shortly thereafter, it became clearer that these rules were being put in to protect APC's slow admin and processes from losing the army too much money.
my resettlement 'experience' was awful, resettlement is the individuals responsibility but thanks to RRC Aldershot ('couldn't be arrsed' springs to mind) it was delightfully fcuked up.
This thread made me think about a case I heard recently in which a SNCO left after 22 years but was deducted £6000 for a resettlement grant given several years earlier when he had been illegally discharged (He was subsequently reinstated).

Were the MOD right to deduct it or should he claim it back?
how did he get a £6000 resettlement grant?
cant understand why or indeed how they took the cash from him, unless he left the army and was given this £6000 as his terminal grant, then re-enlisted and the army quite rightly deducted the money that he had been given that he wasnt entitled to.
fingers_1661 said:
Pocoyo said:
I think that the £6k was his terminal grant (not resettlement)
If so can he get it back?
Not until he leaves again. Otherwise everyone would sign off at 12 years, get the dosh then immediately sign back on with a fat wallet!
Anyone preparing for resettlement needs to:
A. Plan it carefully
B. Have a chain of Command that is prepared to assist
C. Be in a job that will allow him to resettle

Many WO1 commisioning candidates in key appointments in thier last two years find resettling very difficult, on the one hand they want to stay focused to ensure a good commisioning report and on the other hand they need to secure thier future when they get the pill!!

I found my last two years particularly difficult, I accepted an overseas posting with 24 months left two on the promise that my Desk Officer would post me for 18 months and get my last 6 months in the UK. I recieved a 24 month posting order and decided not to rock the boat as I was still waiting on a commisioning board. When I was not on it I requested a posting back to UK and all hell broke losse. MCM Div refused to play ball and my CO granted me one week suggesting that was sufficient to complete ALL my resettlement.

Once I read the tri service resettlement manual cover to cover (and I recommend it) I found out that MCM Divs should not send people to remote locations unless they complete thier resettlement prior to going or are given 6 months upon thier return.

Next time around I`ll be well prepared - I`m going on 7 weeks IRP around Europe!! Or I`ll do the 6 weeks IT course in South Africa!!!
JonnyAlpha said:
I`m going on 7 weeks IRP around Europe!! Or I`ll do the 6 weeks IT course in South Africa!!!
dont forget to give yourself enough time before hand in order to get the relevant overseas clearances from the MOD and the embassies otherwise you may be severely disappointed that they wont let you go.

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