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Re: QM's - Who are they????

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I`ve no idea, there nearly as bad as the pay office, except the pay office let u stand there for 10 to 15 minutes then tell u there closed


As a RQMS, Most of my Normans are customer orientated and one even issued a jerry can last week. (He no longer works for me). We are always open on weekends and I have a storeman on call 24 hrs a day. The mobile number is ex-directory. Give your QM a ring and arrange an interview and give him some customer feedback. Mine loves it when a Tom gives him a gob-full! (They are burying the Tom next week.) Which is nice. Any problems with the QM's should be directed to the Padre as a personal problem.  ;D
All normans should be hacked in to small pieces and fed to the seagulls ;D ;D ;D
After being 'run through' with a rusty old SMLE bayonet.
Yeah like the gun carraige idea but am still abit hung up about the thought of a Norman gasping for his terminal breath, stuck on the end of a bayonet.

Clerks & Provo staff could be dealt with the same way.
Does the old excuse "sorry, dues out 'cos the last batch went down on the Atlantic Conveyor" still get trotted out by the G4 crowd, or has that been updated to "remember the Donnington fire, it was all in there"?
:(  Issued in Theatre, has been said in my unit too..... why the big smirk when it is muttered, should I not believe the storeman when he says that ???? REALLY, lol ;).
:(  Issued in Theatre, has been said in my unit too..... why the big smirk when it is muttered, should I not believe the storeman when he says that ???? REALLY, lol ;).
On Granby 1, pull up a sandbag, I was attatched to 4 AAC from my Squadron in Minden, It was requested that I bring 4 x GPMG + 4 Lauch poles.

When I asked the Crusty old R.A ex Para SQMS hates the world SQMS His response was Fu#k off you Fu@#ing idle puff!, Lauch poles indeed thats why God gave you a hip.......Closely followed by back sliders like you cost us a bridge.

The same bloke billed me for 3 brand new NBC suits on my erturn as they had been worn and written off

I believe he is now an accomodation guy in BAOR somewhere, he must 138 yrs old by now
With my luck I will bump into him on a ho/to of a quarter. In Germany at the mo there is an award given periodically to the best estate warden... Gee bet that phone line rings alot( NOT).
           Laughed my likkle knackers off about getting p1954'd for the NBC suits, wonders if they teach that on the RQMS course ??


My old Unit deploying to the Gulf, aren't allowed to buy any Gucchi desert kit, they are having to wait til the whole Unit gets issued it! Long wait, if my memory serves me right! Didnt get ours last time, til we had been through the Breach!

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