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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by azman, Aug 31, 2008.

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  1. hi i'm not sure if i'm doing this right, as i'm not brilliantly computer literate and new arrse, but i'm looking for a little inside info/people opinions. I'm looking at going the army and have some career opions but i cant make up my mind and was hoping i could find some guidence from people who know a litle or have served in one of the trades.
    The trades i'm thinking of include the Aircraft technician, vehicle mechanic, plant operater/mechanic, pioneer or a trade in the royal signals. I know all the jobs vary a bit from each other but if any of you good people could share some of you knowlege and experiance of these trades it would be much appriated thanks
  2. Well, you've made a good first impression.

    You've evidently been scanning through previous posts and tagged onto an existing thread, rather than create a new one.

    canteen_cowboy will be very pleased.
  3. I think I am one of those responsible for bone'ness. I can be a bone boring cnut sometimes (just tedious all other times). Me and jarrod and drain sniffer too.
  4. Panda, check the date of the original thread, you retard.

    azman, how in God’s name did you manage to;

    1. Dig up such an old thread?
    2. Post a completely irrelevant topic onto that thread?
    3. Submit a post that a dyslexic, blind, schizophrenic Gerbil would be embarrassed of?
  5. Just to reiterate, as CC said, but in simpler can breathe through your nose as well, fcuk-nuts.
  6. To be fair flash, it must of been overlooked judging by the gang of f ucking quims posting in the NAAFI, I know this raises its head over and over again, but mein mother f ucking gott in himmel the latest crop of "cruisers and losers" take the f ucking cake, and eat it.

    How about a Royal slagging of NAAFI hand pumps?

    F uck me ...the problem is, where do you start?

    How about the usual "60000 posts in 1 year, inane bottom dribblers"

    Charlotte the Walrus (f uck me she's a big old unit isnt she?)... waste of oxygen
    Her Klingon, Ballbag lost his scrotum, or whatever his name is. Another bandwidth thief
    Buztypig.... I really don't feel I need to elaborate on that one.

    The list is endless..targets will grizzle and make poor attempts at comebacks when hit. In your own time, go on.
  7. Don't get me started, these super-annuated rectal prolapses are, sadly, in the higher end of the food chain although that doesn't mean they shouldn't end up having their pubic regions skinned to make furry purses for the Burmese Junta's day rate whores.
  8. Shorty, you are soo right.

    What is it about this time of the year?

    We are either being invaded by retarded window lickers who think the Chuckle Brothers are the epitomy of comedy or fat, usesless cunts like charlotte. Either way, both types seem to think that the world (well, this website anyway) is in dire need of their comedy stylings.

    The interweb has alot to answer for. Before the www, these types would usually die before their fourth birthday or at least be bullied to death at primary school.

    There is most definately a two or three tier rank system on here.
  9. Every NAAFI has its fair share of bores and cnuts - certainly the one at RAF Halton does. Don't see why they should be discriminated against. Beaten, yes, discriminated against, no.
  10. Their parents should have been prevented from feeding them after birth and made to put them outside without a blanket and smeared in Shipham's Meat Paste so the badgers could do the gene pool a favour.
  11. I've cut the brake flexi hoses on the outrage bus aswell, so hopefully that will clear the forums of Daily Heil reading f uckwits aswell.

    I come on here to relax, and poke fun at those less fortunate than myself, not wade through 850000000000000000000 pages of posts along the lines of

    "I'm a bit flirty... surely you'd like to fawn around me, and boost my self esteem, as in reality, I'm a fat sweaty moonpig, with no mates, and a deep self loathing... please feed my need for friendship and a sense of worth and I may reply with veiled promises of sex that will never come to fruition as I'm truly f ucking rancid in real life"

    Followed by 75 one line answers that would make a combined panel of writers from "Carry on" films, On the buses and seaside postcards groan at the sheer f ucking lameness of it all.

    Before the internet, these creatures would of suffocarted under a pile of cats, alone except for a clutch of mills and boon books.

    Not many specific targets being named... surely there must be more figures of hatred than the 3 scrotums i've outed?

    I can think of a round dozen off the top of my head :D
  12. Yep SF know your pain:

    My starters are:

  13. Bricktop,

    Spot on.
  14. It would seem, that these days just as anywhere else, the bottom feeders on this site flock into stereotypical groups just the same as anywhere else.

    I've covered the "low self esteem attention whore" and the sycophants who hang around them.

    I've covered the "outraged of Tunbridge Wells" and the fully POL'd outrage bandwagon.

    Another classic is the "Never actually served, or done a tour, but i'm going to give you my opinion anyway"
    SiCiv... you are an utter f ucking rod who should be gang f ucked and strangled...OR... a work of subtle Wah genius, and i'm not sure which one yet.

    Come on, this is your chance to fling mud and hope it sticks, don't sit on your hands... get slagging, and make it nasty, petty, vindictive and personal.
  15. How very dare you

    Can I nominate acl1981 - cum whore if ever I have heard one