Re: Posters

Courtesy of Eagle we now have a much improved ARRSE recruiting poster.

Its big and in colour and available for download here

Right click on the link and select "Save Target As..."
I could turn that into mousemats.......

Come to think of it, i could do lots and regimental ones as well if the interest was there.

Oh, and an arrse logo for mobile phones  ;D

I'll have a look at costs, if peeps are interested
...what a good idea!  ;D



......and why not pens, pencils, mugs, stickers, fridge magnets, ironing board covers (!), carrier bags.........

Hehe, ;D 8) ;)


please please please will someone tell me how I get a picture at the bottom of my replies??????
Fridge magnets and cups une piece de piss

Ditto T-Shirts......

Hmmmmmm what about "zaps" u know the ones that come on rolls of 10,000, and really get people titsy, cos they appear like measles, especially on FFR's.

Not that I'm advocating "Wiliful defacing of Government property" lol
Make it a green tshirt with small logo and I'll buy some, feckin washing machine eats them by the dozen and puts holes in me socks!! :mad:
A whole new revenue chain awaits..

How about getting the logo on:

Hats ('ARRSE-head')
Dictionaries ('smart-ARRSE')
Shampoo ('hairy-ARRSE')
Hole-punches ('ARRSE-holes')
ISP ('complete-and-utter-ARRSE')
Width barriers ('tight-ARRSE')
Boot polish ('shiny-ARRSE')
Cam-cream ('ARRSE-cream')
Tissues ('ARRSE-wipes')

or even....

ladieswear ('does-my-ARRSE-look-big-in-this?')

Hmmm... OK... I'll get back to my Sancerre.
Serious comment!

Anyone interested in ARRSE t-shirts, Mr Potato Head on little left tit logo with on back.  Probable cost in region of £15?
Deal me in Boss,

Do I get the mousemat concession, less a royalty payment to Arrse mansions?


If push comes to shove I've got an old glove at home you can have, I'll write ARRSE on it just to keep you happy ;)
Hey Sniper_Burd......I'm a bonus! I'm a bonus!!  ;D

Ever had your tits weighed?  ;)


I have as it happens.
Quite a nice experience.

I'm beginning to sound like a right go-er here but I'm not.

Ask PTP - I'm a good girl


Can someone explain to me the purpose of having your tits weighed?  Should us blokes be oggling over weight/density rather than size these days?
No it's the start of a very old joke, last seen gathering dust in the British Museum...... ;D
Sorry to go all serious on you guys.  BAD CO I think you start up an ARRSE PRI Shop, it may assist in funding this site so that you don't have to rely on minimal advertising revenue. As a matter of interest are you paid just to display the adverts or do they count hits??

You can go back to talking about S_B's tits now!

P.S. Arn't tits great, I wish I had my own set, I'd spend all day in the shower soaping myself! MMMMMMM!
But maybe I should have kept that to myself??

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