Re-positioning equipment from Afghanistan - Costs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Kromeriz, Jul 14, 2013.

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  1. I have just read the current Modern Railways and within was an article on the repatriation of equipment from Afghanistan via Russia and Latvia to the UK. Does anyone have any public figures on the cost of the exercise per container?

    I ask because I am aware of a similar exercise over similar distance and wonder if the costs are ball parked or whether Brit Mil are being stiffed again.

  2. cheaper than air, and easier than sea. Cannot see the problem, we have rail stock why not use it.
  3. Krom,

    Rest assured, it will be mere billions of taxpayers money and nothing to concern us little people.
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  4. You miss my point. A commercial enterprise is transporting high value goods over a longer distance... with published costs. what are the costs per container for Brit Mil?
  5. Cynic
  6. It will be just as expensive to repatriate kit as it was get it there in the first place. So the answer is to minimise costs by destroying as much low value equipment as possible, or sell it to the locals at "fire sale" prices.
  7. I agree. However, the point is missed again. How much does it cost per container to repatriate kit from Afghanistan via Riga to the UK? I would just like to compare against similar private sector operation.
  8. Krom,

    Who has the contract? Is it KBR??
  9. I thought the majority of kit was going through Minhad?
  10. It depends what the kit is - sensitive stuff will get flown out to a near by safe country before being loaded into ships, the rest will go out via road then rail through the northern routes
  11. Caroline Wyatt on Radio 4's PM programme on Saturday afternoon said the cost of redeployment from HERRICK back to UK was going to be £300 million. Seemed a bit low to me.

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  12. Any ideas on the number of containers?
  13. I've heard 10000
  14. Every item is subjected to a value for money assessment and each type of item or piece of equipment is constrained in the method of movement or LoC that can be used to recover it. Put these together and you get a list of what should be destroyed in theatre, flogged in theatre, recovered by various surface routes or recovered by various air routes, or even combinations of the two.

    Sadly for your MOD-bashing desires, there isn't a 'similar private sector operation' and therefore the only cost comparators are other Allies - where scale may mean differences that we cannot change however much we might like to.

    It might be difficult to continue haggling for the best price while Dec 14 approaches and the black flags start to wave over the Loy Mandeh but until then you'll just have to take our word for it.

    Do you pay UK taxes by the way?