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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Scutterbandit, Apr 1, 2003.

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  1. Umm nice poses....although the photos did remind me of something.  Apparently several people on the current deployment...were prior to the deployment on long term sick chits for bad knees etc etc. In fact they weren't even allowed to do Phys carry weight or wear webbing, and then suddenly one quick trip to the MO cured. The fact that this previous injury prevented them from doing everything else their work mates etc had to do. I must stress this is apparently..however it begs the question, if they are happy to swan back in camp...what would they be like when the s**t hits the fan?  personally I wouldn't trust them......any thoughts?
  2. Where are the piccies of the Floppies?

    Scutterbandit: Unfortunately thats todays modern Army..its the Shin Splints Brigade!
  3. Any chance someone could make the orange one of the twin-engined torque monsters bigger so i can use it as PC Wallpaper?
  4. Excellent pics ORG !!  Are these all AAC chaps?  Good to see their in the 'thick of it' and not REMF's !!

    Picture three - Can this chap get the SUSAT any closer to his eye?
  5. Almost everyone in theatre has SUSAT, i've got a mate out there in the Q store, even he has a SUSAT.  
  6. Right..who nicked all of the photo's...come on?
  7. No one they are still there. By the way that phot of the twin-engined torque monsters are RM cabs, all of ours are US, the boys are guarding the POWs.
  8. Well thats a load of bollox.......the booty's dont have any mark 9's for a start!
  9. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    And since when did the RM wear the 16AA insignia?
  10. Thats better...thanks org..
  11. Sorry! (I think my laptop's got PMT........)

    ORG, these pictures are really wonderful! Thanks for putting them on - any more where they came from? Can I put a request in?!! ;)