RE phase 1 start dates April and onwards 2011

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by 86-john-mahn, Feb 4, 2011.

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  1. Has anybody received their start dates yet for April? I was told to phone my AFCO in Jan as that's when new RE dates for the 2011 financial year would be in so I annoyed them all last month to no avail. Have all careers offices got no new dates to hand out or is it just my one?

    I got a high A at ADSC in Sep, I was told I should be one of the next few on the list and my job choices are all design trades. Is it the trade choice that's delaying me?
  2. NADA. I have heard absolutely nothing, I have spoke to Captain Marsh (Head honcho for RE recruiting) and even he wasn't able to give out the final say. They are still working through a backlog of applicants and so the dates could be released anywhere between 25th of this month and April (When new recruiting year begins) dude.

    If you were given an A you SHOULD be given a maximum of 6 months notice in advance of your departure to P1. Thats what Marsh said. Onviously it wont work like that 100% but that is a rough guide.

    What was your score at selection and what trades are you going for (all three)?

    I got an A with 137.5 points, my trade intake isnt until 11 September APPRARENTLY. However it may well be before OR after when I depart. I am going C3S (changed from Fitter ACR after going on an insight course, that trade didn't tickle my fancy anymore but each to their own)

    Long post ^^
  3. Alright mate, thanks for the reply. I got 130 odd at ADSC, and I'm going for Design Draughtsman. The brief I had on the C3S trade was quite interesting, the promotion to LCpl once passing out was quite attractive as well.

    Do you mean your trade course starts in September, so you would be looking at getting in soon to get through basic and gib to get on it?

    I was told that phase 1 lines up with the start dates for phase 2 so there's no waiting around but as for the trade course there could be a wait. Which is something I wouldn't mind as long as I'm in.

    I think I'll give my AFCO a ring on the 25th then, hopefully new dates will have come in. How did you get to speak to the head of recruiting, is he based at your careers office?
  4. My sisters already been told to report for basic training in July, so I would imagine all those that are starting sooner already know.
  5. I'd of thought that but I was told by my recruiter that nobody at all going RE from my careers office has got any dates for April yet, they're still waiting for their system to be updated. I maybe wrong but as a female your sister maybe starting with a specific all girl troop thats why they can confirm her start date, I didn't think the troops in basic were mixed.
  6. hi guys been waiting for word since february. keep phoning my acio(victoria) but no news yet only told that dates are still not on the system even though i am a priority candidate due to high score at adsc....anyone with news would be a great help
  7. It's 13th November for the phase 1 intake for Design Draughtsman. There's also none at all for Surveyor which was my second choice. I received that info on the online chat a few months back telling me them dates are set in stone and there are 8 slots in total. My AFCO are still saying they don't have any dates yet, but the online careers Officer says I'll be on that intake and should be loaded soon.

    February isn't that long ago so the time should go fast for you, I applied in 2009 aged 23! I was told they where still recruiting as normal for that job so applied and it now looks like I'll be getting in as I turn the grand old age of 26!

    People who got C's at my ADSC have already started basic, so I don't see the significance of me getting a higher grade.
  8. Really?! Is this something new?
  9. It's what I was told on an insight week by somebody in that role. And I didn't mean LCpl after passing out of basic or phase 2 I meant after trade training.
  10. don't hold your breath on that one.
  11. ok mate thanks for that where can i check with the online careers officer?
  12. ""
  13. ok thanks mate called my acio and they said date on the system is 30th october but hasnt started to be loaded with candidates, however the online careers advisor said that no dates have yet been released so i am stuck between two conflicting answers but still nothing concrete
  14. John, don't believe everything you read on the Army website. It says that RLC Pioneer is an awesome job where you can become a fully qualified bricky, chippy, planty etc when really they might just about make labourer on a civvy site!
  15. When I was waiting for my start dates they kept telling me they will know when April comes around, I got me date may 27th.

    I was going in every other week on the off chance something changed. The last time i walked in he was about to phone me cos they had got the dates through so got the joining instruction there and then, then i went out and got smashed ha