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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Log, May 23, 2012.

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  1. Log


    Hi chaps,

    I'm after some advice/personal experiences of whether to enter into the RE or REME as an Officer. Maybe there are members here that can provide some insight into a career in either?

    I've tried wading through the many posts explaining how crap Officers from both might be, and whilst it would be great to hear negative points from each, I would rather not have the thread overrun with them.

    I have a degree in mechanical engineering and have the fam visits to look forward to, but naturally they will be bias as to which corp may offer a more interesting, varied and ultimately satisfying career.

    Not that it matters but my grandfather had a good time in the RE (civil engineer) glueing buildings back together after the war but no doubt any advice from him may be outdated.

    I'm currently rotting in Sierra Leone managing locally sourced mechanics and a small fleet of ex-mil DAF 8 tonners, TM 6x6s and Harley MT350s

    Thanks very much

  2. With a Mechanical Engineering degree i would have thought the REME would be right?
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  3. REME all the way....................
  4. REME.

    Unless you have a weird desire to supervise someone filling a HESCO?
  5. Depends what you're into!

    Can't speak too much about REME, but if you want to remain on the vehs side, I would suggest that's probably the way to go.

    I would say that RE isn't necessarily limited to technical qualifications - plenty of my contemporaries had non-engineering degrees. If, however, a tech route appeals, RE does offer the professionally qualified engineer stream, which is open to E&M as well as civils disciplines. It should get you CEng status along the way. There are some balances to be drawn - PQE takes you out of the mainstream for a while so chances of Cat A squadron and regimental command can be reduced (although some manage). You don't need make a decision until junior Capt level so don't feel the decison has to be rushed.

    Best of luck.
  6. Go on the FAM visits and decide which one you like better. It wont make a blind bit of difference until youre well into Sandhurst anyway, by which time you will have formed your own opinion or decided you'd rather do something different.
  7. Log


    Great, thanks very much chaps,

    I'm also aware that whilst an mech eng degree is both relevant and necessary for the REME it is unlikely to be actually put to any use. The Colonel at my ACIO suggested RE as an alternative, which I had not considered before. The real enquiry here is if I was equally qualified for either corp which one would be recommended based on the which one is likely to provide a more fulfilling career. Using whatever indicators you think are worth mentioning.

    Thanks for the help
  8. When you can always try the much more attractive alternative of not really commanding anything at all but getting regular updates on how the war has (once again) been halted for lack of an air filter. Not to mention the enthralling excitement of listening to your technically able, but invariably social inadequate, soldiers (and soldiereses) describing how they once managed to take apart a hydro-dynamic torque converter! They may forget to tell you the part about not being able to put it back together again.

    So when it comes down to it RE vs REME is analogous with would you rather be a Mensa- qualifying, Captain of successful international sports team, married to a supermodel and saviour of starving children worldwide (RE) or would you prefer to be a hideously ugly, obese, shell suit wearing chav from a sink estate just outside Milton Keynes (who is probably on the sex offenders register too) (REME)?

    I kid you not, the contrast really is that stark.
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  9. Erm, no it isn't. I've been attached to RE Several times. Did Kosovo with 8 Armd Engrs and whilst true legends to a man, they were all 'orrible feckers!
  10. Trying to be as neutral as possible - As a junior Capt in REME, so far I've had a good time, been on Ops, got my IEng etc. But I can pick many examples, of my peers within REME who haven't had such a good time. Unfortunately in your more junior years it very much is luck of the draw, and I'm sure that it is exactly the same in RE.

    My advice is go to both FAM visits. Ignore all the glossy bullshit[] they throw at you. You won't spend every day blowing up cars or dragging AVREs out of water filled holes. Talk to the young officers in the mess, get their slant on things (very recently they would have been in your posn) but most of all determine if you feel comfortable in that environment.

    It's a hard one to describe; I went to RAC FAM visit at Sandhurst and genuinely didn't enjoy it, crashing about on tanks was awesome, but on the whole I felt that I was not compatible, that I just didn't fit in. Then I went to REME and felt that it was right for me.

    There are tonk jobs and awesome jobs in both Corps. LAD command in REME and BGE in RE are the two biggies for junior officers. From a REME point of view, LAD command gets you out in a different environment attached to Armd Inf, RAC or even RE. Then again BGE can be attached to any Inf BG.

    From an ops perspective, I was a Lt, and did the usual platoon command in Bastion - which if I'm being honest was fine for a week but boring after a month. Luckily, I found a new job, which afforded a relative degree of freedom and allowed me to get stuck in. Apart from the odd passing through, I never saw BSN again until it was endex. However, I am a rarity - not impossible to do equal, but it is rare. Having worked closely with an RE Lt for the remainder of the tour, he was out and about continually and had a whale of a time.

    So if it's getting stuck in on Ops, go RE - but be careful what you wish for.

    If it's professional development go REME.

    If I had my time over again at regimental selection boards, heart of hearts, I would have gone RE.

    PS REME= Sex gods (bar tech spankers) RE = horrible mingers.
  11. X59

    X59 LE

    Yep, that's Armoured Farmers for you !
  12. Which tour? 2000/2001 or 2002/2003? I was with 8 AES and had a brilliant time.

    As for having a degree in mechanical engineering depends what line you've gone down. Mechanical engineering in the Royal Engineers usually refers to building services etc. Mechanical engineering for REME means automotive engineering which is a seperate degree subject.

    If you do go down the PQE route in the Royal Engineers you do get some good career development. The PQE course is around 2 years long; 6 months doing classroom based teaching and the remainder of the time on civvy attachment split between design and project management. You then go off, having done your MSc and do your professional review for CEng. There are quite a lot of good posts out there. You can limit your choice of Sqn and Regt commands but I've known plenty of PQEs go on to command Field Squadrons and Regiments.
  13. I say go REME all the way. Unless you are really committed to being a Wedge, they really won't want you.
    The Engers really are no consolation prize. It'll save the fragging and all the awkward paperwork.

    Plus waht would you rather wear, a cap badge with "Champion the wonderhorse" or a really boring grenade (so un-sexy)?
  14. I think it was the 2002 tour. It was the one where Wellington lines got closed down and dismantled. I was a lance jack sparky in the LAD.