RE or infantry???


I know that its me who has to make the decision but i need advice from them in the know. Here goes!

I cant decide between RE or infantry, my recruitment office wants me to go infantry but i would like a trade but also want to do combat. So do combat engineers thing such has patrols etc like infantry do. Has i would not like to be stuck in a workshop. If not then i think i would like to go infantry and then do a trade within the infantry.

If i decided to go infantry i dont know what regiment i wolud like to go to or what role i.e light, armoured...
Yes i hear you say your local regiment, my local regiment is the staffords but i had a run in with soldier/ex-girlfriends ex-boyfriend from the staffords
so im not sure that would be a good idea.

So im guessing im looking for some advice on roles, regiments, information and any othe suggestions you may have. p.s i have scored high enough for most jobs on my barb test.

Please help!!!!!
How did I do that, then? :?

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yer sorry guy's i did ask last year. I had to wait for a year to clear due to an operation i had. so any advise on the question i asked???

Join the RLC.


Only you can decide really. Both Inf and RE 'do combat'

The RE has better Bars though. :slow:


Thanks for the helpful posts, I feel like im in limbo im sure some of you have been in the same postion. I know its my decsion at the end of the day but unsure what to do. Any suggestions of any good regiments to join??? Im leaning towards Re maybe chippy or planntie. (and yes i do like pies!!! haha)



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Thanx for the advice!!!!!!!

Guess i ant gonna get any advice
None anyone can really give you.

The choice between RE or Inf is something you'll have to settle yourself, the choice of Regiments in the Inf, well, as youve shot yourself in the foot with your home regiment, which people would probably aim you towards, then past that, there's not much to say. Theyre ALL good Regiments.

Youve said you dont know which you want, or even a role that interests you. Go look at the Army website, get your head into the various Inf Regiment websites, see what takes your fancy from there, narrow it down to a few options, with your reasons behind those options and maybe then the lads in those regiments can advise you a bit about what it's like there in real life, etc

narrow it down a bit!
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Thanx fatbadge for the advice,

I may just bite the bullet and go with the staffords and take any shit i get. I will just see what trade they may offer me in the infantry. Again thanx for tha advice.......

D_M I wish you had posted this in the NAAFI then I and I'm sure others would and should give you some sound advice.

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