RE or Inf?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by BristolLad, Oct 26, 2011.

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  1. Hello all,

    Sorry if this seems like a stupid post, but i have had a massive change of heart and would like to balance out my choices. I got around 58 on my BARB and my first choice had always been Infantry or a combat role. I have a lot of friends in the Army reg's, from The Rifles to RAC, and my bezzer is a Sapper.

    Basically, my mate is a RE signaler (C3S) in 23 Reg and it sounds like a job that appeals to me. I'd like to have a full(ish) career and a trade, as well as a bit of combat on the side, i am an ex Nod and i know there is a chance to get your green lid with 24 Reg. I have heard good things about the engineers and people who have worked with them. SO its a catch 22, because i have always wanted to be Infantry of some sort but i have suddenly had thoughts about becoming a Sapper and going green through them.

    Does anyone know the BARB score needed for C3S? I heard its 47, probably wrong. And are they even recruiting at the moment? I'm heading down the AFCO to change up my jobs tomorrow (well today!) and wouldn't mind a bit of extra info from anyone serving or going RE.


  2. I can't give you advice on either Sapper or Inf as I'm in neither yet, but I CAN tell you that your BARB score of 58 should be enough for any job in the army. IIRC RMP requires the highest score and that's below 58.

    58 is above average, even if the average of the potential soldiers on ARRSE is more like 84, but then they're a breed apart, running sub 8 minute times with a BMI of over 30.

    C3S though? Wouldn't a different trade interest you in the RE?... I haven't heard many good things about that one (if any).

    Good luck anyway, whatever path you choose.
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  3. The sensible thing to do would be to ask your recruiter what is available for you in the Sappers wouldn't it?:thumright:
    My only advice would be avoid C3S like the plague and get a trade that means something on the outside.

    As for RMP requiring the highest BARB score? Give your head a large wobble Proper Gander, the website indicates differently. You will be telling us next that they pick up their first tape on leaving training "because of the quality of the course and the high standards of soldier it produces" .......
  4. I stand corrected then. I was pretty sure that was the case, but since I can't look up the required BARB score anywhere, only a recruiter can tell us which trade requires the highest score.

    in the end it's GCSE's that matter, and the TST at selection (if you need to take it).
  5. BristolLad,

    This is one of those decisions which which can really only be answered by yourself, hopefully after accumulating as much information as you can about the facts. It will still come down to your gut feeling as to what you want. The RE are universally considered to be a decent bunch of guys who have a wide array of trades, many of which have a direct correlation to civilian trades.

    It is the part that I have put in bold though, that you should be wary of. I had a friend at Sandhurst who was a keen as mustard type. Eager for a combat role and initially had himself down as an Infantryman, he decided to join the RE instead being persuaded with the promise of Airborne and Commando roles. Speaking to him not long ago, he was badged up to the max with wings and daggers, but he was very much a frustrated grunt. He actually told me that he knew he'd made the wrong decision.

    I'm not saying the same applies to you, just that it pays to be sure of what it is that you really want before making the leap. The best of luck with which ever you go for!
  6. To be quite honest the RE may sound attractive in the ACIO - skills, quals etc, but in reality all they do is dig ditches and wells, move plant, build bridges (occasionaly), and blow things up - and that's about it.

    If you want a taste of real soldiering join the infantry - but make sure you select your chosen regiment carefully.
  7. IIRC its 58 for Ammo Tech which if your correct on the RMP bit would make it the highest score.

    To the OP ever thought about AT?
  8. AT also requires a high score in the TST so sounds about right.
  9. He is quite correct RMP for some reason has the highest score of 60...C3 Systems is 47.All are dependant on other factors like GCSE's, physical attributes etc and also will be dependant on IDST scores at ADSC.
  10. *smug*
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  11. Bit of a to be brutally honest Shoite statement which shows your complete lack of understanding of what the Sappers actually do. I could counter with "if you want to be nothing more than a mobile sandbag interspersed with periods of stagging on" would that be accurate in your opinion for the infantry? Real soldiering? There's many types of real soldiering.

    As for the score of 60 for the RMP, I stand corrected Proper Gander, but having in the dim and distance past achieved a more than high enough score for the RMP, but not high enough for the sappers I think someone somewhere is having a giraffe. Especially with having worked with them on more than one occasion ;)
  12. i would say Infantry! but it all depends on your BARB score which one you go into.
  13. Depends on what it is you really want to do... If it's a combat role like you say then infantry I'd the way forward. If you want to build stuff and get a trade go RE
  14. Hey up lads, sorry for the late reply.

    I changed job choices today, RE (C3S) & RAMC (CMT). My best mates a sapper, so i guess he's been sweetening his job to me! I had a quick look around and saw some other guys who've went C3S (or have been) and yeah, they didn't enjoy it lol! Sitting in a coms room isn't really for me, i would rather be out on the ground. But surely going 24 reg (commando) would be a bit more exciting than the average unit?

    I thought the skills gained through C3S and indeed the engineers would help once back on civi street, HGV license & telecommunication skills, blah blah blah... I'm not looking for a short career (but rather a very very long one lol). I've always had Inf in my mind since i was 16, mainly because it was "glammed" up on TV, but my old tutor from college is Rifles (and also a recruiter). He gave me some wise words and it made me think. "Go for the best you can, if you score high enough, do it."

    So I guess RE will be the chosen corps, but i am afraid i might regret it and wish i went Inf. From 08' to a week ago i was dead set on Inf and now suddenly my first choice has became C3S!

    I've been out with 1 RIFLES on ex, that was proper good fun! I enjoy the infantry side of the army but with the commando side of RE & serving with 3 cdo brigade, surely thats also possible? I just don't want to switch cap badges and go through all the hassle when i'm in. As that would piss a few people off, including myself lol.
  15. Also thank you for all the input, it is much appreciated. :thumright: