Re open OTT, in light of changes to old pension scheme redundancy entitlements

During the OTT process a few years ago I opted for the new scheme for two reasons, having joined as a boy it gave me about 4 years more pensionable service and the redunancy terms on the old pension scheme dropped to 3 months pay, after the interim period. The new scheme was and remains 12 months pay, this was crucial in my decision making.

In April, as a result of much complaint from those who stayed on the old pension scheme, these redundancy rules were slipped, allowing those on the old scheme to get 9 months pay on redundancy, where they qualify, an extra 6 months pay.

In the light of the changes, I would like the chance to revisit my decision, since the provisions of the two schemes have now changed and the bedrock on which I did my calculations all those years ago have moved. However, I do not expect that this will be allowed. It just grips me that I did all that planning for them to change the rules at the last minute.
I am afraid you will not be allowed to revisit your OTT decision. There were only two situations which would give rise to this being allowed:

- an individual who opted to go to AFPS 05 having been given a redundancy notice as part of the 2004 Spending Cuts (the last of these redundancies occurring in 2008 )
- an individual whose OTT forecast of benefits was significantly wrong - that is wrong to an extent that it would have changed your decision

The terms were set out quite tightly and I know that applications from the Services for special treatment for certain groups whose future prospects had been worsened by Service policy decisions have been rejected because they fell outside these conditions. It doesn't sound as if you fall into either of the categories set out above so I doubt that you would be successful in getting an exception made.

Sorry I can't give you a more positive answer.

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