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Discussion in 'Officers' started by NaturalBornDriller, Dec 28, 2009.

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  1. I'm interested in joining up as an engineering officer, with a strong leaning towards doing the AACC and ending up in 24 Regiment.

    I've posted in here rather than the Sappers forum to try and get a view from any RE officers (or anyone else with useful input) about the kind of officer that the engineers attract and how many 'places' as such are available in 24 for commando trained officers.

    I come from a military background (Navy and RM I'm afraid) and spent 5yrs in the RM cadets while at boarding school (edit).

    I'm currently finishing a degree in Mining Engineering hence the interest in RE.

    There's my whole bloody life story (edited for PERSEC) so any advice?
  2. Don’t be surprised if someone informs you that the Sappers only take the top 10%

    The only problem being:

    So do the AAC

    So do the Infantry

    So do the RLC……………..etc, etc

    That’s a very large 10%

    The point being, regardless of well intentioned advice, don’t take everything at face value
  3. 24 Cdo have approximately 30 spaces per AACC - this gives an indication of their intake. However, by all accounts, first tour jobs for Officers in 24 are like rocking horse poo, as nearly ever bloke wanting to join the RE has a hankering for the Cdo Course*. The obvious question, is why not join up as a Bootneck?

    *Int gained from 59 Cdo Officers about 2 years ago - obviously with the change to 24 there are some more spaces, but 24 Cdo is one of 15 RE Regiments, so you take your chance!
  4. Cheers for the advice, I'm aware that 24 Cdo is only a tiny part of the RE hence why I'm putting feelers out as to what the chances are of actually ending up in it!

    I have considered joining the RM and for years that was my plan but unfortunately I wouldn't actually get to do any engineering which is definitely my preference.
  5. You considered REME?
  6. Remember that a large part of a young officers' life is admin - reports, running courses, Mess life, duty etc. It's not all doing the job you joined up for - if you are not on ops, then you may only do you job once or twice a year.

  7. Cheers for that goatbag... I've been chatting to an officer who said that the chances of getting into the regiment you want at Sandhurst are pretty low... apparently very few of his mates got into their desired units and I know he definitely didn't get his first choice. Is this true or just his experience? How could I go about improving my chances of being in the RE rather than any random unit that needs an extra body?? I know it seems quite petty but if I'm not going to train as an engineer I might as well join the RM as a grunt!
  8. I thought about it but I find electrical/mechanical engineering incredibly boring and I'm pretty poor at it. That's why I chose mining as it's more about big machinery, tunnels and blowing things up :D
  9. 24 Regt is expanding.However there is strong demand by YOs to join.If you get into The Sappers from Sandhurst,then the best approach might be to do the AACC between leaving the Factory and starting on your YO course.That way,having passed the AACC(hopefully) you'll be in a better position to get the posting you want.The same goes for 23 Regt.
  10. Theres an Assault Engineer branch, finish training, bit of General Duties and if your savvy enough you'll bag it, your a bit derisory reference the Corps mate and seemingly ashamed of your background, if your of the opinion that going Royal will be an unsatisfactory second to your main choice give it a swerve please and wait out until you get what you pick
  11. Trust me I'm anything but derisory about the Corps, I spent 5yrs as an RM cadet and have visited Lympstone, Poole and Garelochead several times and been beasted around woodbury common enough times to have full respect for them. My comment about joining as a grunt was a light hearted one saying that I'd rather be a grunt in the RM than an officer in the Army. Obviously not true or I wouldn't be posting here.

    My knowledge of the the Army however is practically nil, I'm currently going through a massive learning curve trying to find out exactly what they can offer me.

    My options are completely open still and really the decision will probably rest on whether I can achieve the extremely high fitness levels needed to pass POC and YO training. Unless I feel the jobs on offer in the Army suit me much more of course.
  12. I may have watched you shower once then. You need a sit down chat with someone in the know, suprisingly enough 9 out of 10 cats from either service and trade wouldnt mind a civvy ringing up and requesting a heads up, a 'from the horse's mouth' approach if you will. You sound pretty switched on, I remember the 59 and 29 officers being pretty good blokes so I am of the assumption that bagging a place on a beat up isnt just a box ticking exercise. Good luck.
  13. I knew there was something moving behind that hole in the wall...

    I'm currently trying to contact all my old school mates who have joined up, a decent percentage of each year tends to join the forces with most going to RM then the Navy then Army and one or two to the RAF. I've had some good info from them but it's mostly "get your fcuking arrse to CTCRM now, don't fcuk around with those pongo tw*ts" which isn't the most helpful.
  14. I wouldn't say that's true - it depends what your desired unit is. You get two choices: If your choices are Para's and Gurkhas or Gren Guards and Life Guards, then you're going to have to fend off some pretty stiff competition. If it's AGC (SPS) and RAMC then you're unlikely to struggle too much. Every cap badge falls somewhere between these two extremes. If you seem to have an aptitude for the RE's job; get on well with RE officers; and don't totally mong your command appointments at Sandhurst, chances are you'll get your choice.

    Or in a nutshell, you need to find the point where your ambition and aptitude meet. Most people at Sandhurst manage this and get one of their two choices. Not many end up desperately seeking someone to take them on at the last minute.

    Anyway, to the second part of your question I'd say the following:

    1: Get yourself on an engineers fam visit.
    2: If you still like them, try to get an attachment to an engineer unit.
    3: Bone up on every aspect of the Corps - their history, their current role, where all the regts are located.
    4: Do really well at Sandhurst. The "top 10%" spiel is rubbish, but a favourite DS phrase at Sandhurst is "it pays to be a winner". Doing well never harmed anyone's chances of getting their cap badge of choice.

    Good luck with AOSB and all that and don't write off the rest of the Army so quickly.
  15. And have a back-up. As a RN Officer I find the entire regiment selection process at RMAS bizarre*, but there's been enough threads on here about the process to fill a thin book. If getting your lid is the only thing that appeals to you, then become a RM, Marine or Officer. [ps don't use the word 'grunt' - I've never heard Royal use it to describe themselves, never heard a Bootneck Officer use it about his lads, and never heard a Commando use it - and more to the point as a civvy, it's massively dis-respectful.] If you want to be an Army Officer, do that, then think about getting a different coloured lid.


    *but it's worked for them for a while now, so who am I to complain!