RE: nightmare britain thread

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Myss, Jan 31, 2005.

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  1. Mods - I have edited this a couple time to keep this as short as possibe.

    There are people of every age and creed who will do crap like you mentioned in that thread. And then there are those who will quickly on the race issue and call the crime 'racial incident' because the assailant skin/religion differs from the victim. Your post - are you saying that if the skin colour was the same - the crime is acceptable? Are you now going to post about crime on non-caucasians too? No - I don't think so. Racial assaults is just not on - regardless of who the victim may be. Your post was unneeded, uneccesary and frankly your timing is disgraceful.

    The incidents you mention are appalling and some include idiots who jump on the bandwagon and start with taunting those who are seem inferior or unable to stick up form themselves. Which leads me to my preultmiate point - is this is an example of your campaigning for your party? - I'm guessing you're part of that 'Bollox Nonces and Pr**ks' outfit - then you're way off for getting anywhere.

    In a nutshell Mozzer - you're a t0sser of the highest order. :evil:
  2. [sarcasm mode]Thankyou oh fountain of knowledge. We are but poor ARRSE members, and as such we have no grasp on what is happening in our society.

    Praise be! Mozzer has come into our dark and sheltered life and informed us of the current state of Britain's multicultural paradise. [/sarcasm mode]

    Points to Note:

    a. It is Britain. with a capital B.
    b. As MyssL says,
  3. Hmm - Soon as i saw that thread I thought it looked like an recruiting drive for the BNP but then again may just be one mega p1ssed off bloke.

  4. Did anyone follow up the stories, or will I have to < yawn >?
  5. What an idiot :roll:
  6. Anyone can cobble a stack of reports from around the local press and stick them together. The far right are not blameless in this respect either. I don't live in Britain but I do read the papers - the "Nightmare Britain" scenario is hatemongering of the first order. It seems as if nothing has been taken in by you sir, a mere few days after the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. Crime happens, people of all race and creed take part in it and like it or not, white people are just as bad. I give you "nul points" for objectivity and "dix points" for bigatory. Wind your neck in or it will get blown off!