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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by JohnJorrocksMFH, Aug 13, 2007.

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  1. Hello all,

    As I'd always assumed that I was too far past my sell-by-date to consider TA service, imagine how simultaneously gutted/delighted I was to find that the limit is now 43, with me only four and a bit months into my 44th.

    Anyway, as I'm fairly fit and not too thick (I managed the BCFT that I found on the web in the 30 age group times), I thought I'd try my luck. The London Scottish said no, 35 max. Then I tried the HAC, who sounded quite promising but have now also said no, 43 absolute tops or 45 with recent military experience. I am going to go to their next presentation evening, in the hope that going along in person might swing it.

    I understood that recruiting is a problem at the moment, that being the case is there no discretionary margin allowed by the MOD? Perhaps I should try some of the mechanised TA regiments?

    Any advice would be very welcome as I don't want to waste people's time, but on the other hand I do feel that I could make a useful contribution before decrepitude and senility set in (At 46 I guess, in the view of the MOD! :D )

  2. There is always the RAuxAF, they will take up tp 50+ including regiment as far as I am aware.
  3. Also RNR - 45 with prior military experience though this can be pushed for those with the right experience. All one of the branches (GSSR) seem to do these days is run around in green with SA80s doing force protection.

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  4. Why not find a local REMF outfit (a Field Ambulance maybe - he said standing by to be flamed) who'll take you and then jump ship when you have your 'recent miltary experience'.
  5. I'm not sure if the London Scottish would have a lower upper age limit on account of being an infantry unit. The Royal Yeomanry recruit up to the age limit of 43. All the info you need is on their website, click here for the web page. If you were looking in the London area, the Westminster Dragoons (W Sqn) are just beside Putney Bridge tube station and are recruiting at the moment. PM me if you need any info.

  6. As of Feb this year, and I quote from the DIN

    "DM(A) authority is required to enlist Ex-Regulars with special skills over the age of 43 where the engagement offered will
    usually be to the NRA of 55 ie. less than 12 years. Note: every effort should be made to encourage ex-Regs, over the age of
    43, to apply to join the TA."

    Also, as mentioned above, RauxAF will take potential Officers up to their 56th birthday, I'm 55, and I attended selection at OASC last week.
  7. try the Chelsea pensioners,no age limit :p
  8. Not sprightly enough for them! And definitely not hardcore enough!
  9. You cann't take the wife tho'
  10. Interestingly here in Oz we keep lifting the limit. You can serve to ager 55 as of right, and 60 with an extension (and everyone seems to be offered an extension).

    You can enlist up to the age of 54. You have 54 year old grandfathers who have taken early retirement on basic recruit course……

    I know of a 63 year old Major who served in Vietnam who is currently in Afghanistan.

    Strange days indeed…….

    PS – We will sponsor and accept former MOD service personnel into the ADF. You can have a brand new career here in sunny Oz!!!!
  11. where do you live / work?
  12. Hi Bravo Bravo,

    I live near Aylesbury, work in St Albans. I can get into London very easily after work as I commute by bike.

  13. Try 606 sqn RauxAF at RAF Benson or 600 sqn at Northolt
  14. Great...i want to be one of the old farts that hangs about the drill hall boring everyone to death.....Oh hang on i do that now! 8O
  15. Bumhole,

    I presume you are ADF. Could you possibly explain why UK Royal Navy Veterans have been awarded the Australia Defence Medal (ADM) whilst Veteran UK Army and RAF personnel who served in 28 Commenwealth Brigade or on Excange postings with the ADF or on Long Look are not entitled to the award. It smacks of double standards to me,


    Mike 83