Re National Uprising

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Mar 20, 2011.

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  1. Following on from the above thread running in The Int Cell;

    Come the Glorious Revolution,which one person do you put up against the wall?
  2. I have to many to list. But the usual suspects, politico's, benefit cheats, chavs,people who walk slowly...... the list goes on.
  3. I am think more in terms of stringing them up from lampposts. Guns are in short supply and slow strangulation is more fun to watch.

    Picking a first person to go is impractical, we will have to execute them as we catch them.

    Principal targets will be, every member of the last Labour government, every banker who bribed them and all trade union bosses.
  4. And therein lies the challenge,from your ever lengthening list,who is at the top?
  5. The Dark Lord himself - Mandelsen
  6. Like LVH, I have too many to list. But to reduce the numbers, in the best possible taste, I bring you;


    Although meant for pole dancing, it's ideal for the Great ARRSE Coup because of its versatility, some examples of which are;

    1) GPMG larch pole for maintenance of public order, firing squads etc.
    2) floggings
    3) burning at the stake
    4) with sharpened tip for ritual impalement and the display of severed heads
    5) hanging and gibbetting
    6) chav shrine 'Matthew Fricker' style, to lure them out of hiding for the GPMG in 1)
    7) pole dancing

    Best used in pairs for the carrot/stick effect, one with a near-naked, gyrating trollop, the other with some real or alleged Enemy Of The People being skinned alive, or similar. Even the dumbest immigrant will get the idea, with one of these parked in diagonally opposite corners of the town square.
  7. The First person against the wall during my glorious revelotion will be Tim Westwood he makes me violent to the point of insanity then i wil start on lawyers politicians bankers and assorted other untermench and or any other people who piss me off
  8. The person who happens to be standing between a large queue of all the people I hate* and the fixed minigun/teams of ammo bearers/24-hour-armourer crew that I have arranged specially for the moment.

    *Unsurprisingly, most of them are fat.
  9. BA just for you Tim Westwood Sound Board just so you may listen to his musings whenever. Shame non feature the sound of gunfire.
  10. just for poluting my sunday hangover with that arses fake gangster voice your going to be next to him against my wall I am now going to go and kick the neighbours dog
  11. c'mon don't be so silly, we have no oil therefore Cumagoon and Smeg will be able to crush your foolish uprising without attracting or raising the usually impotent ire of the UN.
  12. Well before you do can you do Westwood and Moyles first. Radio 2 or 4 man myself but i know where you is cumin from my gansta bro'
  13. I wont need oil as I am going old school and going to use a longbow, mace, battleaxe and crusader sword and anyother medevil weaponry i can lay my hands on
  14. the UK, but don't you think that the media might cotton on and accuse you of the wholesale slaughter of politicians who (or maybe not)are alleged to have been corrupt in their Public Life. If you could just form another minority group then lobby really hard that would be so much better.
  15. I would rather hack them to bits Viking beserker style thanks and if the media complain I will start on them (if I aint very carefull I will be the only person living on this Island)