Re: Muslim airman fights AWOL charge

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by claymore, Jul 20, 2004.

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  1. From today's Guardian. Wonder why he joined in the first place? Perhaps it's one of New Labour's PC initiatives. Ethnic minorities in the forces can choose which wars they want to fight in. :roll:

    Muslim airman fights RAF
    By A Correspondent

    A MUSLIM reservist airman who refused to take part in the Iraq war because of his religious beliefs launched a legal battle yesterday over his prosecution by the RAF for going absent without leave.

    Leading Aircraftman Mohisin Khan, 25, from Ipswich, Suffolk, did not report for duty on the ground of conscientious objection.

    Mr Khan, an aircraftman and medic, had been mobilised with others last year to return to the regular forces to supplement service personnel in the Iraq war.

    But he held a “genuine and deep belief” that the pending war was wrong and contrary to his religion. He said that he did not want to be asked to fight against fellow Muslims and that he could not condone any military action which was not in “self defence” against another state. Two High Court judges in London were told yesterday that Mr Khan’s absence resulted in his arrest, charge and punishment by the RAF.

    He was fined nine days’ pay and seven days’ privileges.

    His challenge before Lord Justice Rix and Mr Justice Forbes is over a decision by the RAF Summary Appeal Court to uphold his conviction for being Awol between February 24 and March 5 last year.
  2. He shouldn't have joined up, he must have known one day he might be expected to take part in operations against Muslims after 9/11, if he was in prior to this he should have had the sense got out if his beliefs meant that much to him. Simple.
  3. Oh my Buddha.
  4. Very dangerous precidence if the courts rule in his favour. But with this bunch of cnuts in power at the moment, nothing surprises me anymore :evil:
  5. as a crab air medic he pretty far away from delivering death to his islamic brothers in fact as far enough away as you can possibly get and still wear a uniform :lol: .
    And if muslims killing muslims bad explain the iran iraq war ! Or is it just wrong to kill muslims for the western democracies.deport him some where unpleasent .My choice parachute him in to falluchah dressed as air crew right after the septics bomb the crap out of something .
    uppity medics derserve all they get
  6. I remember this court-martial. Khan initially appealed against his mobilisation on the grounds that he had to help out with his family business. It was only after this was rejected and he went AWOL that he became all religious. He was not going to be sent anywhere near the front line, but would have served in a support capacity in UK.

    This appeal sounds like a lefty hand-wringers exercise, or some Islamic group's work. Should've shot the disloyal little coward in the first place, and not given the PC brigade this opportunity.

    Woody, many RAF medics do serve at the sharp end; lots of wounded soldiers have reason to be grateful to 3 Casevac Sqn and others on Tac Med Wg.
  7. Yes delivering medical care not fighting except in self defence . Which isnt exactly dropping cluster bombs on orphanages (which some media types seem to think is what the air force did ) .
    he did nt even have to go to the sand pit .,And only got fined 9 days pay
    he should be sent to colchester immediatly for whining .
  8. [quote="ViroBono" Should've shot the disloyal little coward in the first place, and not given the PC brigade this opportunity.

    I've got a better idea......why don't we shoot the PC brigade and free the oppressed majority. And shootin's too good for the scroat. It's a good boot up the a*se he needs. :D
  9. What's wrong with that? Bloody conchie!
  10. i cant believe he only got 9 days pay , and 7 days ROP's for going absent without leave before deploying on ops , surely he should have got some bird for that , and don't give me all that i don't want to fight fellow muslims"
    it's utter b*llocks , and he was quite happy to take his money up till then.

    f*cking gimp.

    shoot him in the neck.

    then jail him.
  11. Abu Ghraib.
  12. AWOL bloody AWOL are we getting soft!! Sounds like bloody desertion to me. Should be put against the wall and shot, anybody who puts religion before country needs to be seriosly re-educated. :x :x :x
  13. Send for Lynndie England, she'll sort the basstard out!
  14. This decision really landed me in the doo-doo with Mrs Benn.

    When I was called up, she was up the duff and so was worried about not having any support while I was away. She said: "Why don't you just refuse to go?"

    I told her that if I refused I would still be sent away - only for longer than I would spend abroad fighting the Saracen.

    How we laughed when this fella got off so lightly. :roll: Mrs B thought I was a lying or gullible gimpoid. She could not be persuaded that the guy's religion was probably a key factor.
  15. Put him on a VC-10, to Basra, followed by a short transit hop by Puma to downtown Bagdad where he can join his muslim brothers; see what they make of his uniform... :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: