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I've been out for a while - I'm guessing i'll need to go though all the basic lessons again - but my question is - I'm looking for a new civi job, which could pluck me around the South West - should I wait till I've got the new civi job, or go in, and transfer?

And whats the selection like now?
And whats the selection like now?
I don't know how easy you had it previously but I can confirm having read a few threads on Arrse that the TA are now all steely eyed dealers of death, with multiple tours mixing it in the Green Zone under their belts. Don't for one minute think that you can just rock up as a fat sack of shit and struggle in on a 1.5 mile run in just under a quarter of an hour as it simply won't be true. Your field craft skills will also need to be top notch to get through the first few weekends, a very high standard is expected.

It's actually quite lucky that you asked this question as I don't believe it has ever been covered before in the history of Arrse, which is quite some achievement for you.

Well done and good luck.

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