Re: Message From 'The Moderator' Read It and Weep!

I'm weeping Moderator, we drank wine in the graveyerd the gether big man!!!
Understood ya wee haggis!!  If ye talk like that again, I'll hiv tae come oer' there an give ye a servere malky, ya wee bas*ard ye!!!  It's good tae know that there's a genuine Scotsman on the board, reminds me of home!!
Ah ye're all a bunch a wee fannies!  Awa' and bile' yer heid!

South side Glasgow - born an' bred!  :mad:

I was born in Glasgow aswell........................Mary Hill!!
Everytime that I tell people that, they laugh at me..........Take it it's gone right downhill then??? ;D
Well who would have thought it Leeanne, we're fay the same wee toon!! I was brought (dragged?) up in a tenemant in Sandbank Street Maryhill, just along the road from the Orange Lodge. I think my school was Mount Vernon or something. Have been back several times and it has all changed. Tenemants have gone and been replaced by lots of Barratts type houses. Not half as bad as it was. Of course Taggart was also filmed there and Taggart's polis station is actually Maryhill. See full of useless info me!!
A ken wit ye mean Bluenugget, but I dinnae hiv ma scottish accent anymare......lost it wen I wis thirteen!  
Tara,  Just shows that it's really a small world, does'nt it?  Was born in MARY HULL, then moved to Cadder - pronounced Codder I think, Lived there for about 12 years on Tresta Rd, beside the big *****ng graveyard!!

Then we moved to Preston in England as my dad always says that Cadder was full of JUNKIES.  Lived in Preston ever since, last time I went back to Scotland was about 6 years ago.  I went to a place called Yoker (still in Glasgow somewhere) as I have family there......Now that was a shi*ehole!!hehe ;D
Och Leeanne, its a smaller world than you thought! Like you, I lost my Scottish accent when I was younger (still comes back at 3 in the morning after a good swally and I feel the desire to sing the Old Rugged Cross, Glasgow pub singer style!). My family moved from Maryhill to..........Nelson, a spit and a stone throw from Preston!! Glasgow just oozes character though, even in the slums. Well better go and sort out the middens.
I knew that one Nugget!! No really I did...........hhmmm ;D

Now correct me if I'm wrong here, middens is the wee haggis term for 'bins', yes??  I used to play on a 'dy ke' in my garden, near the middens - And for anyone who's reading this thats not scottish, NO it's not the  term    'dy ke' meaning lesbian!!!

Any of you remember what a 'dy ke' is????  Be serious lads, no talking 'joby' here!!  Another thing for you's - Believe it or not, I've never ever tried haggis.................Wot's it really like?? :p :p
And I've met Rab C Nesbitt!!! Chuft...... ;D
How far South, Davros,........Carlisle??? ;D
Here you ya wee bam!  :mad: Born in Paisley, raised in Giffnock, learned to fight in the Mearns and then moved tae Largs where this happened and I started talking without misspelling everything.  Mind you, I'm off back to the 'gow in about 3 hours so bad spelling and bruises on the tap ae ma napper should return!  ;D
Just joined this great site.  But ye are a too far south fur me.  Mair like Aberdeen direction here.  Been in a fair while and never lost ma accent.  Has been awkward a couple of times though
Pure dead browiant, the lot aye ya's.

Fancy comin' back to Cambuslang (A'm no schemo, but) for a partay?

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