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Heard a real good one from 'our source at Glasgow'....apparently the civvy who operates the AAC ground crew postings desk, writes everything that comes down on a 'post it', then sticks it to his/her screen until he/she can be bothered to get around to it...........apparently as they accumulate (and apparently they do), many end up under the desk....'kin stunning if that's true!...I'm not AAC, so perhaps one of you out there may be able to add to this.......or to scotch this bloody rumour before it gets off the ground! pun intended :eek:
In MCM divs defence it must be very hard to do the handover takeover with all those Post it not stuck to the side of the computer monitor. So they probable just bin them on each take over and start again that would really explain a lot
Well as long as she is feeling better. The rest of us can just wait till they get round to sorting out our little problems. Like where we are going and why are we still sitting in the same post 10 months after the projected move date.



I posted a reply to Yellowduke when he started this thread on the Int Cell Board.  I shall repeat it below for your entertainment  ;)

There is a saying, perhaps you've heard it, that is applied to Civil Servants.  It is:-

"You pay peanuts, you get monkeys!"

In my experience, the Civil Servants attached to MOD are generally not the best motivated or capable people (with some notable exceptions, it has to be said).  

Exacerbate this grounding with some of the heavy workloads that they can get put under at places like MCM Divs and F**k-Ups are very likely to happen.

However, another trait of Civil Servants is to run every couple of years to new posts thus allowing them to escape the fallout from their indecisiveness, ineptitude, inability to get the job done etc.  Generally, accountability for their actions does not follow them! (I have experienced most of the above at first hand)

This is tarnishing most Civil Servants with the same brush and is probably unfair, however I'm sure most of you will spot these things in a lot of those Civil Servants who may work with you.

The whole point is (at last you may say) is that there is no way a Civil Servant will ever own up to any sort of major C**k up and generally are not held to account for there actions.  This does not help those of you who are awaiting postings but will put into perspective what you are up against when dealing with MCM Divs.
Bit radical and strong, but I'm sure a lot of people will agree with my sentiments.
True but there are also some mil pax up there who also move every few years or is it months


Having worked at the APC, I would just like to add that, like all employers, the Ministry of Defence has a lot of vacancies.

Glasgow is a major player in the Service Sector (especially Call Centres).  Because of this the MOD finds it difficult to recruit and retain staff on the meagre pay that civil servants are paid.  The result is that the vast majority of CS are straight out of school with little or no clerical experience and who only dream of getting better paid jobs out of the MOD.

Because of the young age / lack of experience, mistakes are bound to happen.  Add to this the large workload that they are given, not just postings, but promotion boards and discharges, plus there is the continuing changes that affect soldiers Terms of Service.  All these things make desk clerks extremely busy.

Spare a thought for them and if you ever get to speak to them remember that you are probably one of over 400 people that they have to look after.
A point worth bearing in mind.... If MCM Divs posted everyone to where they wanted to go, when they wanted to go, in the rank they wanted to be..... we would have an awful lot of Generals in Cyprus!!!!!

;D ;D
I dont know what you are all moaning about ? i think MCM Div(s) do us proud. bothering to visit every unit every year. (just think of all those air miles) ;DTEXT


MCM DIV yep that quality service and mix of mil and civis working for your gud and benefit ........ or B these ppl who give u a confidential interview so ur head shed cant tell wot uve bitched about yeah ,,,, no they only send the reply with all your questions and there answers on via your adjutant so he can put it in an internal envelope and send it too yer ......... yep confidential sevice my AAAARRRRRSSSSSSEEEEEEE .


Dear Grumblin Subltern,
Sorry to hear your post-it has got lost. Since our contacts at Officer Wing RA MCM Div know exactly WHO YOU ARE, a posting will shortly be arranged. Good news - you will need no money. Bad news - cos there is nowhere to spend it. :-* :-*[www.moduk/apc/]
Another Sunny trip to the Falklands for this falling star. Well it was fun while it lasted.

Col Brakpier did i ever mention what a devilishly handsome and talented man you are.


My dearest Grumblin Subltern,
Thank you for those kind words, you have discovered the secret to preferential postings.
Wait out whilst I arrange a move to somewhere that needs lots of money, condoms and get-out-of-jail-free cards - you'll end up with an over-draft bigger than the CGs's entertainment allowance. ;D ;D
e-mail - apc/love-u-all@glasgee.toon


In the days before APC (and computers) officer locations were shown by a coloured disc on a board covered in nails. The colour code told the desk officer how long you had been in post and therefore he knew roughly when it was time to find a replacement and post you.

On a visit to my MCM Div I noticed my disc wasn't on the board and, after a tirade of insults, the curmudgeonly RO deigned to look for it.

It was behind the radiator.....along with eight others!

How times have changed.....or have they?


Along the lines of when naval officers in submarines were appointed to a Squadron, who then farmed you out to Boats.  After the Sqdn Staff O's board fell off his wall in one base, story goes that the first questions anyone entering was asked were 'which boat are you in, and who else is there?'  Hasn't got much better for us, either ...
How about making these jobs in MRO's reserved jobs for ex forces personnel or at least family of forces personnel?

This might solve at least some of the problems currently experienced by those being affected by decisions made by 20-something Uni grads or 50-somethings marking time until retirement with their safe lovely Civil Service pensions.

Speaking of pensions, my Dad hadn't heard a bloody thing from APC as he neared his 55th birthday. He commuted his pension, upon leaving after 23 years in 1989, until he was 55. I had to call APC, on his behalf, to find out what his new pension rate would be, on reaching 55, and they could even find his records.

Doesn't exactly fill you with joy does it?
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