Discussion in 'Sappers' started by romach, Sep 6, 2007.

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  1. found this on Walt Bay - 250161649303

    Anyone know where this is missing from?

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  2. Can't wait for the corresponding beret to come on sale - I need a new tent.

    The coloured one looks nice, too.

  3. This must be the ultimate Walt badge.

    but it needs a real buffet slayer to wear it with style like the c. nut bus driver in Edinburgh
  4. seen a few dotted around the corps..didn't there use to be one down at Hawley where the crane ops use to hang out? I wonder how many blacksmiths made them at Brompton?? :D
  5. Old R.E. Trains?
  6. Weren't these a common feature on the old cast-iron gates of RE barracks?

    Are there some on the gates of the Sgts' Mess at Gib Bks? (Perhaps this should read "Were there...")
  7. I cast loads of them at Brompton, mostly out of scrap Alluminium.
    I also cast a few in bronze and brass when we could get it.

    The ones pictured are from our standard mould.

    We even cast some in poly-plastic.

    The brass and bronze Badges, Syphers and Bombs went mostly to regiments as any one who has been "awarded" ROP's will tell you
  8. There were a few knocking around Berlin when I left in 93 the camps were handed over to the Berlin Senate (left some on RAF Gatow handed over to the Luftwaffe)