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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Surrey_Trog, Jan 30, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone have any information on or recognise the enclosed RE junior soldier band photos?

    I used to work at Minley, Chepstow and Chatham and a musician friend of mine has sent them to me and asked if I know anything. I have learnt from others that they could be Dover Junior Leaders and that's about it. So any help you can give would be appreciated.

    Cheers ST.

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  2. It does look a bit like the square at Old Park Barracks Dover. The buildings in the background look like the stores building that was up near the square. If my very dim memory serves me correctly the square was named after a VC, I think (but am happy to be corrected) it was Durrant Square named after Sgt. Thomas Durrant VC.
  3. Just to add, the band did wear scarlet tunics and the drummers wore a white cross strap as shown in the picture so it is the Junior Leaders band. I've just also noticed (what a spotter I am!) the tower in the background of the lower image on the first picture. This pretty much identifies it as being OPB Dover as there was a fire station with a training tower adjacent to the camp.
  4. its the JLRRE band at dover, looks like a passing in or out parade the top picture is from the parade seated viewing area one shows the officers mess in the background, the second picture shows shot of the stores/signals wing i have a colour photo showing the same building

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  5. You might not get too much information, no-one in their right mind would ever admit to being a FRED bandy! It was one step down from the Gymspastic team.
  6. i think i just outed myself as a FRED band bod by posting this pic.
  7. At Chepstow you used to have to do "hobbies" two nights a week so the norm was football and egg chasing but some in the summer went down the old route of band members to get off the wed morning rat race with the razz man.
    They were busy boys as they were used for pass in/out parades and many mess functions would have the drummers doing their thing with glow in the dark drumsticks and the lights off.
    However the drum major was a horrendous old soak who threatened everybody with death if they ever did anything wrong or slated his precious bum (sorry drum) boys.
    He also had about 8 years for a BFT so used to walk round the course smoking and still get a pass.
    I before you start was not a member of the band in the summer I went sailing but only because it would normally be cancelled so I got wednesday afternoon off
  8. I was a drummer in JLRRE 77-78. We used to wear Busby's though not your normal Twat hat. My uniform was first issue and it was made in 1912 and stamped "Uniform Nos 1 Dress RE Bandsman". The Busby was even older but in really good nick with a RE blue side cover and huge RE Bomb Badge and white plume.

    Joining the Band was a no brainer, with a mount of Regi Parades we used to do (About 3 a month) I remember standing there immobile for hours with the only break every 15-20 minutes of being brought to attention then stood at ease.
    At least in the Band we actually moved around and didn't get inspected = Jailed.
    There was always little Gigs going on and even a trip to Dunkirk where young MacSapper met the Tattoed French Lady. There would been more lined up if I had my Kilt on
  9. Wasn't it the square alongside the education wing and those buildings in the background the U.E.L Wing?

    There was also that other square down near the 82 Sqn block and drill sheds that one use to cross on the BFT 8)
  10. Yes the pictures are of the main square where pass in/out parades were done up near the 66 Sqn/Education block. The other square was near 82 Sqn/54 Sqn. As I said earlier I think the square in the picture was named and I have a feeling it was called Durrant Square after Sgt Durrant VC.
  11. Thanks one and all for the responses, I've passed on the info to the chap who sent the photos. ST :D
  12. He also had about 8 years for a BFT so used to walk round the course smoking and still get a pass.

    That was Drum/major Choules DERR. He was the SQ MS for 88Sqn when I was there in 87-89. A right grumpy old fart
  13. [​IMG]

    think this is what we had when we passed out of Dover. :p