re- joining

i receently rejoined the army after a gap year travelling the world got back in and what a **** up took me 2 months to get put onto jpa then when i do get put on im put on as a level 1 full screw after going up the chief clerk he never had a clue how to change my increment level i was on level 6 high band so to drop to level 1 lower is about 500.00 drop per month after taking it on my own back to ring glasgow noone up there knows how or if i can be changed back to the right level. fai enough i got out then rejoined but i should still get the same amount i was on before i got out anyone know how i can get this also sick to death of waiting the full 10 days for a response on a service request from JPAC its a ******* joke.


Mind you. Think I had a gap year once.

Oh no. It was a crap year, thats what it was........

Gap year indeed.
Are you certain that you are entitled to having the same amount you were on prior to departure? It may be that your leaving and then coming back a year later means you lose that entitlement. Just a thought.
ya pays your money ya takes yer chance! If you were a full screw when you left then surely you must've had enough Army experience to realise that "if it can go wrong, it will go wrong", especially where Pay's concerned! I can't help I'm afriad, but good luck!
215, did you plan to come back in when you decided to take a gap year or did the grass stop growing on the dark side? I would guess that you taking time out to 'find yourself' has created the mother of all problems for the admin types.

To be fair mate, you left, decided to rejoin and now want the same size cake you had before leaving? Don't hold your breath for too long.

If you was only out for twelve months then you should be taken back on, on exactly the same terms and conditions as when you left and depending on your trade you may even recieve a golden hello (not shower) The only thing that may differ would your seniority but your trade is your trade and you should be on the Higher level as you were before. Your RAOWO should get his staff off their fat arrses and do their fecking jobs..."JPA computer says noooo".


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