I recieved a call yesterday saying that I have finally been approved to re-join and that I have to report to Blandford next week for induction and trade training (Driver Lineman). Now the start date is the only info that I have and likely to get as this was pretty much a fast ball. Can any one give me any info on what to expect at Blandford on a phase 2 course as it was 10 years since I was last on one (not at Blandford), and what if any extra kit I can take with me eg softie doss bag, boots etc.
Thanks in advance for any help and advice.


Can't give specifics on the "Royal Signals Driver" course but as for Blandford in general, especially in Phase 2 it has turned into bullshit central.

Unless it has changed since I was last there on a course 6 months ago it was bed blocks for all phase 2's, march everywhere (they try to get phase 3's to do this too), some accomodation is livable, some beyond shit but other than that usual phase 2 stuff.

It was also 2 can rule for them when I was there last as well but don't know how well enforced that is.

Another change they've pulled in beyond Blandford (My unit at least, might be all) is that as they are now drivers not lineman they aren't allowed their line belt and all had to be returned to the stores.