I left the Army 2 years ago as a Captain with 1 years seniority (non-grad so that was 6 years in). Recently I have been thinking about my time in the forces with increasing fondness.

Before I start to look more seriously at re-joining I thought I would post on here for ritual humiliation about how I couldn't hack it in civi street and also to find out with the recent SDR/cuts etc what the likelihood of being able to sign up again is.

I was RMP but would be interested in exploring other options (particularly the Guards).

So what are you waiting for? Go for it!
Haven't a clue - I doubt you'd be given preferential treatment and it would depend on slots available for your rank/trade (as far as officers have trades...).

As for cap badge changes, that's different again. you would need to do PCCB or whatever it's called these days.
I've got to be honest and say that your chances are not good. APC came out and said a year or so ago that they would not, as a rule, let people sign back on after signing off; so I don't fancy your chances having actually left. The army is at full manning at the moment and over manned in some officer ranks (I understand).

Having said that you might find that there is a deficiency at your rank and seniority be it in the RMP, the Foot Guards or another part of the army. If you don't ask, you don't get; just don't bet the farm on being accepted back in.

As previously stated, if you are accepted into the Foot Guards (or any other infantry Bn) you can expect to have to pass PCBC which might be an ask depending on your age.

Out of curiosity why the jump from RMP to Guards? Quite a jump both in terms of role and regimental/corps culture.
I don't expect and wouldn't ask for 'preferential treatment' - I was just wondering what the feeling is regarding junior captain manning. I know a few years ago (before the recession) it seemed as though the army was haemorrhaging captains and majors. My feeling is that with the planned manpower cuts and state of the economy any chance of rejoining would be slim.

I am just doing a little bit of background research really and trying to get a feel for what the general consensus is. I do understand that it will be down to space in the establishment for my rank/seniority.

Also if I re-badged I would expect to have to undertake the Special to Arm training.

Thanks for your comments/thoughts.
Also if I re-badged I would expect to have to undertake the Special to Arm training.
By special to arm training, you presumably mean the platoon commanders' battle course (PCBC). As both I and another poster state above: yes you would. You won't be much use to the infantry without it.

In terms of junior officer manning, you need to ask APC for the definitive answer but things are tighter than they were a few years ago.

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