Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Eves555, Jan 28, 2010.

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  1. Is it possible to withdraw my application for early release, I only have 6 weeks left in the Royal Engineers, and I'm really starting to panic about civilian life?

    Also if I am unable to withdraw my early release paper, which I think is the case. Would I be able to rejoin the day after I leave. I'm 33 years of age.

  2. Why don't you just say you weren't thinking right and you recognise you were being a twat?
    Surely this isn't the right place?
  3. Recently we were informed that due to the high recruiting situation, we would no longer be able to withdraw application for early release. Can't remember the date given for it though.

    (wrong forum and surely a wrong thread title too?)
  4. Don't panic about civilian street, there are a lot of pluses once you get used to it, and lots jobs in different sectors, not many of the sappers i know aren't doing the trades that they learnt in the corp. totally new jobs have opened up to them.

    rejoining takes awhile once you leave as you have to go through the whole process of re joining the army again,

    good luck with whatever you choose
  5. i would'nt fancy your chances of signing back on at present, the corps are well overmanned currently & are looking to get rid of personnel for any reason.

    couple of lads that i know are downgraded & have been warned off that they may be getting SNLR'd (or whatever they call it now) obviously they are juniors as it could'nt possibly happen to seniors or orificers could it????

    as jonnnie792 says they are plenty of ex corps out there & i do not know of many of them that are struggling.

    good luck.
  6. I'm out in 11 months. At the unit where I am me and my boss are both qual'd for the ob. We both leave within 4 weeks of each other. Me I'm out and he's off to be SSM somewhere nice. Well the new stripey won't be qual'd for sure, and there's a possibility that the the new Q will have let his qual lapse. I offered to extend for 6-12 months to cover the gap. I did have my own reasons for asking for this continuance.
    Glasgow were an unequivocal NO. No discussion, no listening to the consequences just NO. So if it does happen the service that we provide to the unit won't happen for a couple of months until they can get away on cse.
    When I arrived it took me 3 months to get the cse. And that was on priority1 using my job specifies I must have the qual.

    So with this scenario records are just blindly stumbling along with the no extention policy. I would assume it's the same for withdrawing your termination
  7. RE-DSO i know of someone recently that was discharged even though they required surgery on both hips because glasgow deemed paying for the operations, organised for the soldier by headley court, as financially a bad investment on their part.

    shame after he had given them 23+ years service they just tossed him aside like a discarded piece of rubbish.

    no-one is safe at the minute by the sounds of it.

    i heard that lads can now sign off & be out in around 2 months as long as they give up their resettlement cse & termination leave.
  8. We have a young tom here who has issues. Signed off but wanted out earlier. I wrote a letter for him and sent it off to the CO. He has 4 weeks left. It can be done when they want it to.
    He's Inf not RE though
  9. Ref what Knocker is on about Early Release is a definate option for those who plan to get out and what out quickly. 2 months in the MINIMUM turn around. You forgo resettlement and termination leave. Only take this option if you have a set in stone job offer and they know they are going to have to wait a couple of months for you.
  10. agreed that is WHAT should happen but lads will just see it as a chance to pop smoke quicker.
  11. Well the application has to go through Regt C of C before it goes up to Glasgow. I'd be suprised if a CO endorsed if it the person in question didn't have a job to go to.
  12. even if it means they hit their target figures????
  13. Well if the person is question is a waste of rations I'm sure the CO wouldn't care if they had a job or not but the decent blokes they will try and keep hold of.
  14. I know the young tom we have who is leaving in a couple of weeks has a place to live, but is now franticly applying for all sorts of jobs.
  15. and there are not a lot of jobs out there at the minute. :(