Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by stu287, Sep 7, 2009.

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  1. Hi all,

    Just looking for some general advice. I am looking to rejoin the army, i served for six years in the engineers and left two years ago. After reading various posts in the re-enlistment forum i gather it is difficult to rejoin at the minute due to sufficient manning levels. Hopefully my background would give me a better chance than most. Although it would be easy to pick up where i left off i feel the need for a new challenge and the int corps seems the way to go. But... when i left 2 years ago i picked up a bit of a gambling problem and as a result landed myself with some hefty debts. In the end i opted into an IVA to help manage and pay back everything i owe. I have had the IVA for a year now and have my finances back on track. Could someone advise on whether this will stop me from passing the vetting?

    Bit of background, left as lcpl, served 2 tours in Iraq one in Afghanistan, left of own accord, no discaplinary issues etc.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I doubt it will be a problem, as long as you are truly back on track and the debt is managable then there is no potential blackmail angle that could be used to coerce you. Make sure you are totally honest with the DVA however, as long as you've declared something and it does not present an ongoing problem, 9 times out of ten you'll be fine.
  3. Thanks for the quick response, better get myself into the careers office!
  4. Another question...Does a few years service in the Int Corps give you a good standing to get into their civilian counterpart?

    And...Whilst serving i new a guy that went for selection to 14 Int. Does this unit still exist and if so what is their recruiting criteria?
  5. There is no one civilian counterpart

    I'm sure someone will offer you some dubious advice on line here, propabaly relating to 49 Para. In reality you will have to leave that one until you pass off and get to a Unit.
  6. You would be well advised to sort out your use of English Grammar and punctuation as the use of a lower case `i` could be construed as being a salient recognition and combat indicator feature of previous posters by some of the more analytical amongst us - then again you may already be in 49 Para !

    Would not worry about the finances as there is always the petty cash in the OC/Det Comd Office to fall back on. :oops:
  7. A bit far fetched, even for your creative streak, my old heart, sounds like a plot from a film....or was it a TV series?
  8. Actually, a single pilot episode on CCTV by a Scottish director. Did not win any awards although I understand the main star ended up in many junior supporting roles !
  9. You can say that again! :cry:
  10. Indeed the individual concerned did, in a number of interesting places.