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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by kettlefiller, Mar 22, 2009.

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  1. Hi all, Was looking to get some feedback with regards to re joining the army, after being out since summer 2001 (pvrd). Having done abit of sniffing about, it seems the info available is geared towards those who have been out for 5 odd yrs or less.
    Without going to a careers office, it would be great to know if there is set criteria for re-enlistment- age, length of time since leaving, arms/corps to join etc. Also i presume after such a lenghty spell out of service, basic training and reverting back to private would apply? I was an NCO in the R.A. Any info would be gratefully recieved, although a trip to a careers office is looking likely.
    Many thanks in advance. Cheers.
  2. best thing is to get to the acio mate, all the advice on here is only that.
    go speak to the recruiters and get the gen from them
  3. Where are you? do you want to re-enlist into the Gunners? pm me if you want any more info.

  4. Basically mate u need to go careers office with ur discharge papers. from there the acio do a 203 form............... how long u do? if u where an NCO they do a d500 reservist form aswell. once all filled in it goes to glasgow and they decide the outcome. if u want same capbadge u may go straight back in where u left off to the unit ( ie left as RA and want back as RA). if u want to go different trade/ corps then they pass the file to said corps ie RA to RLC. if thats the case then so be, if the new corps dont want u ( could be to do with ur conduct on discharge etc) then glasgow will offer u something else. as said depends on length of time u did and have been out for.most not all go back to unit if same badge and do refresher training in unit. seniority can be the same ie if u where sub lance jack in 2002 u may get seniority then so promoted to full screw quicker. again depends on what glasgow said.

    i hope i havent confussed u ? if so let me know.
  5. also u need to be under 32.11 mths or u will be to old.
  6. Ultimately you need to take your discharge paperwork into your local ACIO/AFCO, it should be then down to the Office manager to submit the relevant paperwork (i suspect in your case a D500) to re-join the colours.

    MCM Div will then take forever to sort the paperwork as the applications from people rejoining and wanting to re-enlist has doubled (we are talking well over 500 per month) over the last month or so and a backlog is forming ;)
  7. Many thanks for the replies, loads of info, ultimately a trip down to careers office is on the cards. It seems i may be expecting a bit much as im nearly 36 yrs old, been out for just short of 8 yrs. Still, don't ask, i'll never know. I have pm'd you (gunner_REMF, cheers)
    Thanks again, all the best.
  8. how did you get on with your application im 36 trying to get back in thanks ally