Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by rich7614, Feb 12, 2009.

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  1. Looking for some info if anyone can help. I am 31 ad having been out for nearly 9 years and am now looking at re-enlisting. Has anyone else been through this after such a long period out? I finished with an exemplary discharge and basically just signed off thinking it was for the best.
    Any info would be very much appreciated.

  2. have you checked with the careers office mate??
    they'l be able to sort you out and tell you what the crack is
  3. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    That's not what he's asking, is it? Stay out of it if you can't offer anything useful.
  4. Rich,
    Although I cannot claim first hand experience of doing what you have done, I am well aware that more and more people are rejoining recently, so you aren by no means the only person in this situation! I did a quick search about for you, as I am not at work right now, and found the following:

    That information is taken from the MOD site, HERE.

    As I said, not first hand knowledge, and I am not 100% with rejoining details, but I hope it may give you at least a part answer to your query. The page is copyright dated 2009, so I am assuming that it is up to date- I will check the docs at work tomorrow, and amend as required if nobody with better knowledge of the topic beats me to it.
  5. Hi Rich7614

    I am currently in the same boat as you same age and been out for 9 years i have taken the procedures at my acio to re-enlist and to cut a long story short my application has gone through to glasgow for a decision the colour sgt said to me it is a waiting game now of around 6-8 weeks but i could keep in contact with him on a regular basis to see if there has been a decision made early but by the looks of some topics on here there is supposed to be a back log in glasgow of anything upto 6 months which is a worring factor as we are both knocking on the door of the upper age limit. so the best advice i can give you is go to your acio an get the ball rolling pal. p.m me if you like to see both our progress if i find anything else out i ill update you as to whats going on.
  6. You go to the ACIO/AFCO and they fill out a D500 or a B203 form and send it off to Glasgow. Glasgow pull out your file and look at your previous conduct. A desk officer, usually a Major, then makes a decision. Depending on what cap badge you are going into depends on how long it takes. If its Inf its pretty quick ( less than two weeks). If its RA, RLC or REME amongst others don't give up your job while you are waiting. RLC is well over 3 months at present. If you are successful you have no right of discharge and have to serve a minimum of 4 years.

    Glasgow are inundated with people who have discovered that the grass isn't greener getting £90 a fortnight signing on. They have got no extra staff to cope but I know they are working this Sat and Sun to try and catch up.

    PM me if you want any info.
  7. Not quite on the topic here but it's in the right ball park so I shall proceed.

    I'm looking to re-join after a few years out. I'm hoping to join the R.Sigs as the new CSE trade and was wondering if there is a bounty being paied for re-joiners going in to this trade. Before the backlash begins, I'm aware I may not get the correct answer here and yes, I have been to the careers office (regularly) but the guys there don't have all of the answers.

    PS, if anyone here is re-joining, could you please tell me how long the process took. I made initial contact back in March and am still hurrying up and waiting.

    Thanks for the help guys.
  8. this has potential to be a very quick process, however, through personal experience and through talking to a couple of ACIO's it often gets dragged out by Glasgow. I have now been waiting for 3-4 years to rejoin, this is not a typical period of time to wait, but does show that even the slightest hic-up can cause major problems. I have now been out for nearly 7 years, but have in writing from Glasgow that they are happy for me to return to unit providing i'm medically fit and pass p.s.o interview, that's it!!! rejoing process is roughly medical with your doc. Glasgow give you the nod, goto adsc for a medical (not full selection), pso interview which will include posting preference, then sort out date for returning! simples
  9. I rejoined last june, and should have started basic on february 16th (but fell ill so got deffered til august) so it was 9 months for me total, going into the AAC which is quite a hard corps to get into now.
  10. I think they will offer you an FTRS contract, probably (dependant on quals ie petrol cvrt is now diesel cvrt) will need to be re-traded or tested.

    Be aware that your pay will be wrong for the first 7 months or so trips to your FSA will be frequent.

    What trade were you?
  11. Who was that for Bipolar? If it was me I was an RS Operator. I'm not going in as my old trade and don't mind about being tested etc.

    Nine months is a long time is it not? I know at the moment there are probably thousands of others re-joining or attempting to at least but I've not heard anything since I filled in my B203 back in Feb/Mar. I frequently visit the careers office too just to show I'm still keen etc and even join in the fitness days on occassion (running with fat civvys is great, it's such an ego boost...)
  12. no i am on about rich