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I am contemplating rejoining the TA, however I have been given mixed messages, one unit I went to said I would have to complete all the phase 1 and 2 training again but a second unit I approached said because I have been out for less than 6 years that I wouldnt need to do all the training again and that I would only need to do a medical and an initial fitness assesment to make sure im not going to do something stupid like die. So I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction to where I could get a definitive answer.

Thanks in advance.

You can be out up to six years and retain your trade qualifications.

If you've been out less than 3 years you can be brought back in at your previous rank as well.

Details are at TA Regs para 5.053a-e and para 5.123a
Classification of Soldiers with Previous Military Service (see also para 2.013).

5.053. A commanding officer may classify a soldier of the TA with previous military service without a test if he has had either 6 months or more reckonable man’s service in the Regular Army or regular land forces of a Commonwealth country, or former service in the TA or authorized auxiliary forces of a Commonwealth country of 12 months or more, and passed a recruit’s course, provided that:

a. He enlists or re-enlists within 72 months of his discharge from former service. This time limit may be extended in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of DM(A). (See also para 5.123.)

b. He was classified in that employment when released from previous military service.

c. The employment is appropriate to the arm in which he is serving.

d. The test standards have not undergone substantial change since he was released from his former service.

e. A soldier who is provisionally classified on enlistment under the terms of sub para a, who enlists in an employment to which his previous standards are not applicable, may keep this classification for up to one year from re-enlistment. On completion of one year’s service he is to be reclassified and granted the classification appropriate to his qualifications. Alternatively, if he holds a suitable civilian qualification he may be classified in accordance with the conditions set out in AGAIs, Volume 2, Chapter 51, paras 51.120 to 51.123, provided the employment is applicable to his arm of the Service.


a. Warrant officers and NCOs who have served as such in the Regular or Territorial Army may be appointed without further examination to the warrant or non commissioned rank for which they have already qualified while serving with the Colours, provided that a period of not more than 3 years has elapsed since they last held or qualified for such rank and that a suitable vacancy exists (see also para 5.053a). For former members of the Royal Marines or the Royal Air Force Regiment see AGAI Volume 2, Chapter 51, paras 51.124 and 51.125.

The second unit is correct.
So, just to be awkward can I go back to the first unit with this new found information and see what they say to me, or would that just make me appear as a bit of an arse?
So, just to be awkward can I go back to the first unit with this new found information and see what they say to me, or would that just make me appear as a bit of an arse?
It depends on how keen you are to join the first unit. They should know the regulations for taking on former soldiers within the cut off period, so give them a call and ask the question. The worst they can do is say no.

I should point out that I only learned this after I tried to make a make a guy who had only been out for three years go through the recruit mill. A recruiting ninja with better knowledge soon put me right, and saved the poor bloke a load of wasted time and effort (and the army a load of wasted money).
Note the words 'may' and 'may be'... i.e. it is completely at the unit's discretion.

I left a unit as a substantive sergeant and after twelve months applied to 7 Regt AAC (V). As this was a completely new trade for me I didn't have to do a recruit's course but the Adjutant insisted that I revert to Airtrooper.

And then the AAC mobilised me to do the thing I know "the bestest" anyway.

Funny old world.


[Whinge] I reckon I should have had mark-time pay too, but there you go [/Whinge].

I got enough recompense at mobilisation time. What you lose on the roundabouts...
'may' and 'may be' is correct, it does depend on how the CoC at your prospective unit chooses to deal with ex-TA or ex-Regs.

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