Re-joining the sigs. PSO interview.

Hi guys and girls, just wondering if anyone here has had to have an interview by the PSO at Blandford when re-joining (NOT DAOR, served at working unit). If so, any details will be very greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

PS: Before any states the obvious, I have also posted something simular in the sigs forum. Just covering all bases. ;)
There isnt a lot to be say to be honest, you are only getting sent down there because they want to review your career in the Corps to date and also to lay down the requirements for you rejoining (whether or not you are keeping any rank, whether or not you are going to be considered for another trade etc.)

Just treat it as a normal interview, there isnt any catch questions or anything :)
Thanks for the info fivetodo. Can I assume that I'm going for said interview because I want to join as a different trade and see what I have been upto since leaving also?
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