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re joining the regular army

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hi, im new here and have previously served in ta as engineer but i am thinking of re joining as a regular soldier how hard is this to achieve, any ideas cheers


If you served in the TA you wouldn't be rejoining as a regular, you would be joining as a regular. Go to the careers office and ask them.
no tucker is me i,ve previously served in regs as b2 pom and then went ta after i left was missing the on the bus of thr bus stuff and am know trying to re join regs and the mentioned fast track just not sure whatthey mean.
cheers was in regs before going ta have been to careers office and the said something about fast track joining process, any idea what this ?
Fast track means depending on your past service record and achievements you may be able to get your battalion without all the bull shirt of basic trading with your diving skill r.e would snap you up .
Well it seems no one else has been in the army apart from you well done you .surprised you have enough time for a forum with Afghanistan and a impending nuclear strike.
No just no one else has been in the cadets wth you and practicing your own classic bayonet training with your younger brother ;)
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