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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Mippy, Sep 8, 2009.

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  1. Hello,

    First post so please be gentle, although from reading around that is not going to happen!

    Im half way through re-joining the forces, previously RM(BS) and heading for the Int Corps. Just a quick question regards special dispensation. I have been batted around for about seven months now with regards to this 'Special Dispensation', with no real clue when it will be granted or what it is!

    Any ideas here? Im sure there will be plenty about..... maybe some of it useful!

    Also, small question. Im following my father into the Int Corps. He was in for a good long while (probably knew some of you guys), so I think I have the background knowledge of life in the service and testing standards, but where to go for a refresher on Corps history?
  2. Yo Mippy,
    Special dispensation' was a term applied to recruitment of non British Citizens. PM me if you wish.
  3. If your Father was formerly a member of the Intelligence Corps then ask him to point you in the right direction - seeing as you claim that he did a long time he would surely know where the museum is or has a number of copies of the Laurel & Hardy :? By all means get him to PM me - he may owe me some money !!!!

    Alternatively, if you are the product of a member of the Intelligence Corps from a dubious relationship from the drying Room of Block 6A or elsewhere on the planet and only see/saw your `father` at weekends or CSA court appearances, then I suggest that you go on the interweb thingy and search yourself !

    Minnestoa Viking/Highlander Spy - is this one of yours ?
  4. he's got subby's eyes.
  5. Thanks for the replies above.

    Unfortunately, my father is no longer with us, passed away 3 years ago this year.

    Jim_research, ill drop you a PM in a sec... as im a bit worried now. Im a British citizen, always have been. Was even born in Hereford, before moving quite quickly to Cyprus.

    The_Marsh_Arabist.... is this why I have webbed feet and enjoy hiding in the airing cupboard?
  6. I hope not - seeing as I am female !
  7. TMA - I hope it wasn't you in the drying room and I'm admitting nothing :twisted: