Re-joining the Colours

Does anyone know how to go about applying to re-join the regs whilst serving on FTRS in BFG?
I've read the DCI on it and it seems clear enough on everything except applying from BFG.
I EMailed REME MCM Div who told me to talk to TA & Reserves MCM Div who told me to talk to REME MCM Div!!
Malky, have a chat with your RAO.  If he cannot help, have him /her contact MCM Div for you.  Sounds like you've just been subjected to a small dose of 'heart & kidney disease' (heart lazy and kidney be bothered), from those you've spoke to (hard to believe that the Army is short of soldiers when you encounter such a lousy attitude isn't it?).  When I re enlisted, I contacted one of the SO's at my own HQ, who took it up with MCM Div for me.  Apart from sign on, that was all I had to do, the firm did the rest.  Don't be put off by lazy tossers in the system, if necessary go to your current ASM and ask him to take it up for you.  You'll soon get a response.  If you don't, request an interview with your current CO.
Ma, is there any 'hard and fast' rules for re-enlisting that you know of?  Is there an age limit?  Can you go back in the same rank if you left over a certain period?  I enquired about this two years ago with the local careers office, and got the usual 'don't know' reply.  I was asked to ring back later that day, which I did, but got the usual, 'still enquiring', and then I called back three days later was told 'what was your question?'.   Useful to know in case this self employed bubble bursts.


I re-enlisted in 2001 after being out for 8 years.  Skipped phase one and went direct to trade training.  Kept my old rank.  I was just over 35.

Go to the careers office and ask them about an "S" Type engagement.  
Ma, thanks for the advice. Actually found the phone number for the WO2 recruiter in 1 Div who arranged to meet me in JHQ. Damn good egg! He talked me through the process, took some notes and told me he would fill in the forms recommending 3 years S type. I'm now in the waiting to hear from MCM Div zone!
Finally got an answer some 6 months after applying to rejoin, got a pill. It was expected but I most certainly was not happy with the way I was dealt with, so complained. An investigation was carried out and decision upheld, but was informed in a much better way. Only problem I now have with the complaints system is this:
Why does the system protect/believe certain ROs who lie through their back teeth? Why can't these RO desk officers be monitored the same way as Insurance call centres are, by recording their conversations?

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