Re-joining soon, interview with PSO and other info. Please?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by keen_in_green, Jul 8, 2009.

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  1. Afternoon chaps,

    I'm re-joining the glorious corps after a few years in civvy street and found out today I'm going to have an interview with the PSO at the school.

    Firstly, is there anyone here who has gone through / going through the process of re-joining and had an interview with said officer? If there are, any pointers on what he may ask or what happens on the day? I'm not trying to 'cheat', I'm simply after a helping hand (like doing your homework for an interview in civvy street).

    Secondly, How long did the process take from being told an interview is required to actually getting down south for the day?

    Also, on a completely different note, what are the chances of getting a posting to cyprus straight out of training as a CSE? Obviously the missus has read the 'brochure' and she (and myself if I'm honest) wouldn't mind a stint in the sun. Failing that, do you still need to be class 2 in trade to apply for 1 (RBY) Signal Squadron (SC)?

    I know alot has changed since I got out so in your own opinions, best / worst UK postings... ?

    Thank you in advance guys / girls.
  2. Tell him his moustache looks nice.
  3. Even if it looks like someone shat on his lip? I'm not THAT fake ;)
  4. So, I lead with 'nice 'tash sir' (really hope it is a guy now, I'm not using that opener on a ahem lady), I've got that sorted, any more wise crackers...
  5. hiYA, just come accross your post! Have you been for your interview now? I went through the same process.