Re-Joining Field Hospital (Volunteers) unit

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by ferret, Jan 5, 2011.

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  1. Looking at rejoining up. I left an Infantry unit about 3 years ago due to work comittments and family etc I just couldn't give the commitment anymore so I didn't mess them about and handed my kit in. I am in a better position now and there is a Field Hospital (Volunteers) unit fairly close to me. I have done cic, rru cadre and dits course so was wondering if I would start again completely or if I would start with the training after basic phase 1 course. If you join a field hospital unit and are deployed is there a chance to be attached to an infantry unit as a medic?
  2. A guy down our unit (Inf) he was a regular for about 5 years and had a pretty admirable service record. He was out for about 14 months before joining the TA and they tried making him re do the whole of his phase one training. This got sorted but he had to re do everything phase 2.
    I'd say unless you've got some lenient people down your coy/local training centre you'll probably have to re do everything. That is only speaking from experience though.
  3. I did enquire a few months ago at a local enineer unit and they basically said I wouldn't have to do phase 1 but would have to do phase 2 specialist which I didn't mind, providing I could prove my army quals by certificates etc. Not that bothered about doing phase 1 again although I am not sure my patience threshold would last all the weekends going through marksmanship principles and how to polish boots etc again.
  4. I did phase 1 at one TA unit...switch to another went over 6 months because the transfer took so long so needed to re do everything. I think it's different for what trade you go in. I can imagine for inf where being out in the field is more vital a phase 1 repeat may be needed. If not I'm sure someone down the unit will vouch for you and just say it's retarded if you need to re do phase 1...that usually happens.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Best you go along to them and ask.

  6. Who in particular should he ask, MSR?
  7. As stated, go and have a chat with them, good luck.

    p.s which field hospital is it?
  8. I'd choose a different unit if I were you. The Docs look down they're noses at you, the guys get to see more hammers than bandages and the hierarchy don't cut you any slack for japes (i.e sh*tting in someone's caravan).
  9. Wait for it...