Re joining at 37?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Adam(KOS), Jun 5, 2008.

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  1. I'm a fossil in army terms now :oops: and out of touch, but a mate who's aged 37, 14 years served and out 5 years is considering rejoining if he can.
    So, is he knackered or is he still under the 'bar'?

    BTW He's a plod now. :roll:
  2. silly old git needs to think this one through methinks
  3. If I had the opportunity even at 48, I'd take it! ( If I wasn't so fcuked physically :roll: )
    But that's an aside.
    So, any answers?
  4. Why doesnt he try the TA. As good as Regulars in all but name. Then if he still has a hankering he may be able to go to the regs again.
  5. I think he wants all or nothing. So what is the oldest a bloke can be to rejion? To re phrase the question.
  6. According to the armyjobs website it states for a tom:

    Regs: 33
    TA: 43

    Though if your mate contacted the ACIO they might be able to help further
  7. That's that then! :( Thanks for the advice lads. :wink:
  8. If your joining at 33 thats the age limit with no previous military experiance, you can rejoin over that age with previous military experiance. The easiest way to do it is join a unit recruiting FTRS then change your engagement once you are there or go to the ACIO and request a rejoin there but there is no age limit.(Within reason, but under 40 is more than okay)
  9. Only 37? whats the problem. (the following is taken from ) He got out as a Corporal of Horse (Sgt) rejoined as a Lance Corporal of Horse (Cpl) and is now a Staff Corporal (SSgt).

  10. Thanks again Gents. I'll pass it on. :D
    If there was more knoweledge of this perhaps some of the older farts might re join. I certainly would, older and wiser, I wouldn't make such a dick of myself next time round ( Shite at man management then ) :roll: Unfit and 48 has has it's limits though :(