Re-Joining as a CSE - Info please

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by keen_in_green, Jun 6, 2009.

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  1. I am currently in the process of re-enlisting after a gap of three years out. When I was in back then, I was an RS OP but am going to re-join as a CSE. Since I got out I have worked in IT gaining both CCNA and my MCSE 2003 but civvys lack the 'moral fibre' that most soldiers have and it is now driving me insane!!!

    Could people who are in a situation to myself let me know how long it took from initial ACIO / AFCO contact to getting a date for training please?

    Also, are there any new CSEs here currently on the course? If so, what is the course consisting of and at what level IE Comptia A+ / N+ etc?

    I know this is a new trade so if there are any re-traded jedi masters around, could you also pass on a brief insight please.

    Also, while I'm here, I understand a lot has changed since my time so what do I have to look forward too (minus the usual rubbish that all members of the Corps are used too) ?

    All help / advice (being the key words here I think...) will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. RC
  2. just sent you a pm mate
  3. You got a date to start mate???

    I am currently in the process of transferring to be a CS ENG.

    Also currently doing an A+ and CCNA course which i hope will stand me in good stead for when i get on the class 3 course ....
  4. Not yet no unfortunately, although I am aware there is quite an interest in this trade (something to do with the 'golden hello' perhaps...) which means I could be waiting for a while. From what I have been told, there is a 3 / 4 month wait, not that I'm bothered, it just gives me more time to work on my phys / sunbathe depending on the weather.