re-joining army after medical discharge

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by duggy1987, Jan 29, 2013.

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  1. Hi everyone new member here, i joined the army when i was 16 and in the middle of my phase 1 i got medically discharged due to knee problems, i was classed as temp unfit.
    At the time i thought it was an injury that wouldnt go away as i used to get it before joining the army when i was a competitive distance runner. So never attempted to rejoin after the 1 year passed, but have always missed it and the past year have been researching the problem i had with my knees as never get any problems whilst not training and have come to realise that it was only a minor problem of me having a small arch in both feet which can be sorted with shoe soles and exercises.
    I now want to rejoin the army as i know my knees wont be a problem i applied last year done barb test and sorted all paperwork out and sent medical forms off to apc glasgow which cut take up to 12months to get a response from.But after waiting 6 months i got told off recruiter that apc glasgow lost my medical forms and i had to resend them off, which i responded no i will restart my application as i was moving address.
    So then i started my application again 4 months later and got to the same stage of waiting on medical forms from apc glasgow, Know i have been waiting 3months and got a phone call from recruiter asking me to send another set of medical forms off again but states my old one has not been lost but this means that my application is now getting looked at.

    Thats my story so far now as of questions; what are my chances of getting accepted as my medical states that i have had no problems with my knees ever since my medical discharge and that i am phsyically fit i am wanting to join the yorkshire regiment but recruiter made mistake and has me down for duke of lancs reg which am not bothered about they are both light role inf changing back to yorkshire reg would mean resubmiting my med forms again.
    I am 25 now and service was exemplary.

    Any advise or guidance would be appreciated and maybe if others are in same boat how there getting on

    Thanks and looking forward for replies
  2. No idea really but would take the fact that your application is being considered as a possible good sign. You have not been told no so far, if it was a definate no goer would they have told you sooner maybe?
  3. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    Who ever told you you would need to re-submit your med forms because you want Yorks instead of the Dukes is talking rubbish. It is just a click of a button by your recruiter in your jobs part of TRHJ. If your RG8 has been sent I would question the recruiter as to why another set are needed. If APC are looking at yours then that is it, they have them. They will make a decision at Occupational Health as to whether you can continue or not. If they say yes then the docs will either be sent to ADSC or to your AFCO/ACIO for the recruiter to send on. If however your docs are lost at GLasgow, that would require a new set to be issued.
  4. hope your right fiona as i am sick of civy life work is so hard to get. but dont no whether the cutbacks is going to have an affect on the outcome either. In a way i would feel bad if i got accepted while so many have been made redundant i think its a discrace.
  5. I hope it all works out well for you too. Sup Rec seems to have some good points there, it does look like the process has not gone well and you will have to nag, leaving things and waiting you could end up being lost in the mill.

    Hard to say what the current cuts will mean for you but I would think that is separate from the health matter. If you are passed fit then I guess you will be in the same boat as every other potential recruit, no better off, no worse.
  6. Well thats exactly what i thought when my recruiter phoned saying she's sending more med forms for me to get filled out. But she stated that they where definitely not lost, they just required them at another office and on the envilope to but the med forms in recruiter wrote on send to APC Glasgow not ADSC. But thanks for your advice, as maybe they where lost for the second time and my recruiter might be trying to just cover her arse. But she did say that it means that my application is getting looked at when i asked does this mean i have to go to the back of the que again regards apc looking at my med forms. i will phone her up again in 1 week to triple check : )
  7. Sup Rec says how it is but another pointer before you start accusing your recruiter of losing the RG8 and trying to cover her ARRSE (as she may be on here for all you know) is the fact that it is over a year since your first 203 was sent to APC Glasgow. The initial RG8 is now out of date as only lasts a year so the desk officer and SO2 Med Officer (Occ health) requesting an updated RG8 is nothing new. Theres a long way to go yet and hopefully if you get past the first accecptance to continue an application on your 203 as Sup Rec says you will then get your old med docs, 203 and new RG8's sent via the recruiter then onto ADSC Med. Then be prepared for the SMO at ADSC to either ask for a fitness diary (current 3-6 months of fitness or either book a consultants appointment for you.....theres many things that could happen aand all out the ACIO's hands for now. Your Recruiters probably already advised you to keep an exercise diary of your daily exercise if not start keeping a record as you more than likely will require one at some stage if your 203 goes through.
  8. Thanks for your opinion Iron helps a lot they have up to date med forms as sent once off 3 months ago but they just required another. But not blaming my recruiter as she didnt go in to detial over the phone and thanks for the advice on keeping a dairy of my exercise as i havent really been informed on much at all even went to a pre ADSC selection day where i done bleep test team builder, ice breaker and the jerry can carry which i dont think i was suposed to be on lol
    but from today onwards i will defo be keeping a dairy thanks : )