re-joining and reasons for it

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by cornflakes5210, Sep 17, 2008.

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  1. ok so i've decided to rejoin as an RLC air dispatcher and just waiting to see if they accept my re-join papers im just really nervous even though i was in the army for four years previously and have been out for three.

    these are the reasons im rejoining may also make people undecided wether to join if its the thing for them.

    1) true mates people you will never forget and trust your life with.

    2) the banter i have never had such a laugh and being able to take the piss in good faith that everyone knows its a joke and not crying to their bosses.

    3)job prospects get qualified in good trades and get paid for it.

    3)theres nothing out here in civvy life as i have now found out.

    4)adveture training (adventure drinking) ;) do sports you will never do in your normal mundane jobs for free.

    5)free gym train all you want for free and get more during the working hours and not have to think of your subscrition payments.

    6)if you like a sport they encourage you to follow it up which may mean travelling to some great places to compete.

    7)run around fields dig holes sleep in them doesnt feel good at the time but at the end of the exercise you feel good. (or maybe thats just glad your out of brecon and have a nice warm bed)

    ok theres probably alot more reasons for me joining back up and if i can think of anymore i may post them up or if anyone else can think of any add as you please.

    well anyway thanks and may see some of you one day. (hopefully)
  2. same as but there a loads of others

    hopefully ill be back before xmas
  3. Wish I could join you mate, Im 49 now and did 24 years, what you say about taking the piss is so true
    Civvy humour dont compare, to them its either racial or sexual abuse either way the sad fookers

    My eldest is joining in Dec and I wish him all the very best to keep up the tradition and learn more than any of them soft arsed BMW driving gin drinking, look at me types
  4. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Let us know if you get back in OK. Seems that there are quite a few out there coming back in.
  5. You will never ever meet mates like you do in the Army

    You could never do the pranks you do, in Civvy street, they would bang you away or not believe it was possible

    If your late for work in civvy st some cnut will grass you up, not in the army they wont

    Go days on end without sleep, beer and fags...they wont belive it

    Carry your worldly possesions around on your back in the pssing rain for 2 weeks and not moan about it 2 days later...imagine the que at the Dr's in civvy st

    Doing a track bash in 3 foot of water in the dark...wheres kwik fit

    drinking pints of warm sick and psis....ah the good ole days

    Having a serious scap with your mate then buying each other a pint aint lived
  6. Very true.

  7. This just sums up exactly how I feel, I just wish id joined the army years ago as opposed to starting my phase 1 into the RAF to be Telecoms engineer and being miserable as its not where I wanted to be, but thats dads for you... him being in the RAF in his youth talked me out of joining the infantry...

    As things transpired I got a phantom foot injury, thats what a rather fit RAF doctor called it anyway, and spent most of my time being passed between the local hospital and the med centre before signing myself out as my dad was then diagnosed as being terminally ill..... fate huh?

    Toyed around with the idea of going in the army after all but as so many got tied up with the mundane jobs....

    Its only been since ive found out im gonna be a dad myself and have a wonderful girl who encourages me to be happy that im moving ahead with my dream

    The thing i have found is that there is absolutley nothing in civvie street that compares to the opputunites the army offers...

    Cant wait to get in, just gotta lose abit of weight first but am working hard on that
  8. i will keep you posted if i do get back in 6 weeks and counting thats how long they said it will take. just a quick question on that as ive been out three years will i have to do basic again? if i do it doesnt bother me cant be harder than last time
    just need to do this thing they call fitness that i havent known for a long time :)
    haha at drinking psis and spew seen that a fair few times what posesses us to do these things
    and as you all know being skint two days after being paid but still going on the drink just randomly taking other peoples drinks not the right thing to do but much more fun!!

    and being in 1 uk civ div for three years has shown me how much it sucks arse.
  9. Aye mate there is nothing worse than the "Groundhog day" feeling of these dead end rubbish jobs...I hate my current job with a blind passion, I work as a collections advisor or payments negotiator or whatever they are calling us this week for a major catalogue brand....

    For 7 and a half hours a day 5 days a week I take constant abuse from people who have ordered goods and have no intention of paying for them yet kick off because they get whacked with fines every month, yet ive gotta argue the toss in the hopes to get some money out of them usually by trying to make them aware they cant order again untill they do...... it sucks and I dread getting up in the mornings but believe it or not this is probably one of the better "normal" jobs ive had.
  10. Good choice.
  11. been out since may...................... civvie street is gay..... and not in a good way either.....
    back in after christmas.
  12. almost fucked up re-joiing tonight some little ******** decided it would be fun to say i hit his misses which i didnt take kindly to and i didnt hit anyone just to make sure before anyone says anything i just chased this guy who thought he was all big and great in front of his friends once i found him on his own he just cried like a bitch to the bouncers i explained that i was trying to re-join and they understood which was great they took sympathy in me rather than this waste of space crying like his dole was cancelled but everything is ok now im home nothing has happened but i was really worrying about what might happen if this knob decided to take things further even though i didnt do anything except a couple guys punched me in the head which didnt hurt much just a headache wimps thats all i can say hope you understqand where i am coming from.
  13. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    This thread doesn't appear to be going anywhere and is turning into a blog. Locked.
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