Re joining- ACT completion

Alright lads im in the process of re joining after leaving 3 years ago and have my interview booked for the 28th of Octobers after completing my medically a few weeks ago. I was just wondering if anyone knows wether or not I need to complete the Army cognitive tests and the literacy and numeracy assesments beforehand I head down?. I haven't been told i need to complete them ad of yet but I have the option of sitting them on my online portal?. If anyone could give me any advice I think would be greatly appreciated

The ACT on your portal is a tester and not an actual test.

You’ll have to do it during your assessment regardless of whether you’ve done it at home or not.

I’d recommend doing them at home though - do it under test conditions. They’re not really that difficult though so don’t put too much emphasis on them. Focus on your physical.

Good luck

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