re joing the and guidance please.

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by wilson2510, May 2, 2009.

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  1. hi first off...i will sat hello....HIIIII

    ive been out of the army for 7 years...and ive missed it everyday ive been away...

    i left due to my wife...and finally finally she has seen reason and knows that what i miss most in my shit life is the army...

    what i would like to know is (b4 i got to the careers office)

    would i need to re do any part of my training ie..phase one, or phase two?

    also i heard re joiners a have a nightmare with getting the pay sorted.

    im aware that the careers centre will have answers but...i know from the past they also talk shit!

    so if anyone has any info that would be great!

    i was a gunner with 26th regt ...but i want to go to 29 commando..

    courses i had done in the army were...signals and op (basic)

    how 28 now and im willing to re trade in order to get cracked on with a career than go playing ten men..

    any advice would be great.

  2. i think youd have to basic again mate due to the time frame since leaving, in fact it would be fair to say that youd start as crow again. new number and all that however acio is the place to ask
  3. ok well iv got my selection on monday the 18th and im ok at maths but not algebra never understood it how much questions is there of this and how many do u have to get right to get into reme vehicle mechinac and what is the time of the run at pre selection i did it in 9 mins 20 but i just want to know the time u have to get to get in and lol do they still do the drop and cough i mean check ur testicals
  4. Hi,

    First of all, well done for being man enough to admit that you made a mistake by getting out. I met an old mate the other week, and he was living on the streets. When i asked him why he didnt rejoin, he stated that he didnt know he could.

    The fact is, tip up at the AFCO and tell them your history. I dont think you will need o retake basic, but definatly have to do phase 2 again as the kit has changed so much. That being said, the Phy will set you up for 29 if that is what you want to do.

    Either way, good luck
  5. You will have to redo Phase One, trust me!
  6. i was out 4 yrs took yr to get back in (5yrs total)...tipped up at phase 1,but screwed the nut and was fast-tracked and left 3 wks later when they could decide what to do with me (2005)! They didnt really have a system for rejoins,generally just play it by ear.....but eventually saw the light n let me move on!! If u want any info give me a PM
  7. For the TST at selection make sure you know Pythagoras' Theorem, Fractions, decimals, percentages i.e. 1/2 = 0.5 = 50% and significant figures and obviously basic algebra.. learn that and you’ll be fine mate.

    Not sure how many you need to qualify for VM, and you will pass the run no problem at all in 9:20, some lads only managed 12mins when I did it back in fed 09. (AND PASSED)

    As far as the drop and cough is concerned, the doctor at selection does have a look at the old meat and 2 veg...

    I know this is a bit last min, but hope it helps... anything else just let me know...
  8. Buy some books on the subject... Letts usualy do some good ones.

    If you're still having problems feel free to PM.

    Be prepared to do the whole 9 yards of phase 1 and 2.
  9. You have two options, re-enlist, and you may have to do some training agan, even possibly do it all again.

    Option 2 - Go for an FTRS contract, do 6 - 13 months at trade, little or no training, and then re-enlist whilst in uniform. Quicker, and easier. Look for available FTRS post, google Army and ROAL, it will take you the Reserve opportunites Website, forms all there....

    Herad of a guy (Mil CLerk) been out for 11 years, applied for an FTRS contract, and was back in unform, same rank, same class, within 4 weeks... no repition of training.
  10. Hi mate, just for your info he will keep his existing number, I rejoined and kept mine.
  11. Keeping your number depends on when you left, if you left more than 2 years before the JPA transfer then you'll end up with a new one... pissed me off! I beleive the JPA transfer happened in 2005, so if you left before 2003, you will get a new number... 300.....