re joiners.

how are people who rejoin generally looked upon nowadays ? putting aside personality etc
i know when i was in if we had a bloke come in wth an older army number there were'nt as many hurdles to jump, is this still true or have the results of the last few years active service changed all this ?
im asking this with an ulterior motive in mind as im considering rejoining.
You are accepted. End of.
so not a lots changed then, it seems to me a lot more ex servicmen are re joining just talking to old mates and such is are you noticing this ?
I thought this post was about RE Joiners for moment!

The rejoiner we had, when I was in, was completely accepted, and I think he was about 30 years old.
Best bit is, all your old mates have moved up the ranks which means..... Easier life! I know, I did it.


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Not quite the oldest thread re-born, however.....
I re-joined, completely different arm and with a beautiful badge adorned wooly pulley, I got my own pit, screwed half of RHQ and was the only other ex Royal who went RA in the late 90's who didnt self harm and piss his trolley's on a weekly basis.
[h=2]join·er/joyner[/h]   [joi-ner] Show IPA
noun 1. a person or thing that joins.

2. a carpenter, especially one who constructs doors, window sashes, paneling, and other permanent woodwork.

3. a person who belongs to many clubs, associations, societies, etc., often from indiscriminate enthusiasm, for increased status, to make business or social contacts, or the like.

Er, probably correct, apart from no.2. What a ******* disgrace, Carpenter? since when have Carpenters been able to make doors and windows, and panelling?

Fuckin Wood-butchers.

Joiner/Cabinetmaker Al-the-Gee
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