Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Crawshy, Feb 11, 2011.

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  1. I got out in 2003 after op telic. I had a couple of incidents that happened that i need some advice on. Especially from anyone from a recruitment side of things.
    I bought a car from a place near Andover and was allowed to drive it away without showing any insurance (basically i had gone for an audi i had seen but the finance was too much so they took me to another garage near the town centre and got me to buy and older bmw). So i took it back to tidworth and after that day was on a cadre course so didnt sort it out. We had the monday and tuesday off after the course which i came second on so i drove up to lincoln that morning to see my girlfriend.
    On the night i was stopped in town by the police who charged me no insurance and the front tyres were nearly bold which i didnt know about.
    I was spoken to back in camp but not much more was done but as i had not notified them (it was the police who did it before i could manage to) i was charged and given extra duties.
    Second thing was that in amesbury i used a petrol station and my card did not work, the guy said he would keep hold of my tax disc until i got the five pounds. I went back to camp to see if i could borrow it as the banks were shut but could not find anyone in my block. I did a stupid thing and tipped a bottle of change onto my bed that belonged to another lad and got four pounds. I was going to write a note and was going to be able to get the money out when the bank opened saturday morning but the lad walked in and found me and reported me.
    I was charged with theft and also by the civilian police for the petrol station thing and waqs given 14 days in the guard room. I apologised and made friends with the lad who believed me in the end up.
    Since getting out i have completed a computer course and sorted myself out a bit and am wanting to join back up. The website doesnt tell much and i didnt want to go to a careers office without finding out my chances so im posting here.
  2. Good for you for admitting your faults. You still stole though, and not from just anyone, from a brother in arms. You will find no sympathy here.
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  5. I rejoined a couple of months ago - 20 others were trying at the same careers office; 16 of those had already been rejected, they had exemplary service and still didn't make it back in, I was told the other four were likely to not be re-enlisted either.

    To be honest on the info you have listed you haven't got a chance of rejoining. You may have changed since your previous indescretions but you'd be better off looking down the job centre.
  6. Thanks for the response. My point is that my conduct was recorded as fair but will a recruiter cross check the actual reasons why I got a fair? I am sure lots of blokes got in the shit then got out but have rejoined after?

  7. I'd hardly call your conduct record fair, 14 days in the gaurd room and theft along with motoring offences is not fair, infact it's outragous, especially considering the theft from a room mate. I really doubt you'll stand a chance for rejoining, but hey, stranger things have happened. But if I were you, I'd be concentrating on getting sorted in civvy street.
  8. Unless you have exemplary service you haven't got a chance - there are class 1 trained soldiers and tradesman at NCO level with a few years experience who have exemplary service records that have been told no thanks, there are the same that have signed off and have not been allowed to withdraw their termination. To be fair; would you choose yourself over them?
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