Re-joined and pay lost from previous service

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by louizd, Apr 29, 2012.

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  1. Hi. Before I start can all replies be relevant to this question and if you feel bitter about something then go somewhere else and do it. Sorry to the honest forum users for the harsh start but from previous experience 90% of answers were just total crap.
    I was in the RAF for 9 years and re-joined the army after a break of service of 14 months. I have just found out that my pension, lsa e.t.c will continue but my pay level will be reduced from level 9 to level 1. The reason for this was that I was not a qualified soldier when I joined the Army and did not hold a comparable rank as I was an SAC which equates to a private(OR-2). JSP 754 chapter 3 section 13 does state this 'if the individual is to re-enter at the same rank and branch or trade they will enter at the same Increment level as that when the individual left the service, in the same range for their branch or trade". My previous trade was a logistic supplier in the RAF and now I am a Technical support specialist in the REME. My current qualification are what the Army award me with therefore it's the same in my eyes. Does anybody know of anyone who has been through a similar situation as this, or can offer some usefull advice. Would it also be recommended to speak to an MOD solicitor and see what they think of the wording as I was also told by the careers office, my pension and pay would continue. Thanks
  2. To be clear:

    You are going from a OR2 L9 (Higher or Lower band, by the way?) to OR2 L1 after leaving the RAF for 14 months and then joining the Army?
  3. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    "Logistic Supplier" in the RAF would equate to an RLC function in the Army. TSS, although they still demand things, is different. So I'd say you're doomed to start working your way up the pay scales from the bottom again.
  4. .....................................I just love it when they do this, because they know they're asking stupid questions!

    "Hi. Before I start can all replies be relevant to this question and if you feel bitter about something then go somewhere else and do it".

    I can see from your post, why you were an SAC after 9 years.

    For that reason & the fact that you come over as a whinging whining barrack room lawyer
    (that was the reason you were only an SAC, wasn't it)
    You deserve to start all over again. :clown:

    My heart pumps piss!:party:
  5. Have you thought that this might of happened due to the fact you left the RAF and JOINED the army? You can't re-join the army, as you never served in it in the first place. I guess the same stands for the Navy as well, different service. If someone was a bobby for 9 years and then joined the Fire service doing the same role, would you expect the same pay? Despite the fact that they are both emergency services, they are different areas and badges / pay scales / ranks, so you would accept the fact you're really starting again. Any brains and it wouldn't take you a lifetime to work your way back up the rank.
    Plus, on the bright side - you'll still get your Diamond jubilee medal!
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  6. 1. You didn't re-join the Army. You left the RAF, did whatever as a civvy, then joined the Army.
    2. Check the wording - same rank and trade. You are in different trade.
    3. RAF Log is not the same as REME TSS.
    4. Waste of time and effort.
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  7. Hi Alan Partridge. Yes, I was a lower band L9 in the RAF
  8. Thanks for the reply LEGS. Where did you get the wording- same rank and trade.
  9. Thanks for the reply ex donkey man but jsp covers the 3 services and not other services such as fire/police etc..I know about 7 people who transfered from the Army to the RAF in different trades and have kept their pay. But this is a transfer and is different to re-enlisting but just an example of how Glasgow run things. I guess I may get that medal instead as my 5 years service do count in this respect. Thanks again.
  10. Yur quote (which is from JSP 754 Ch3 Sect 13 para 03.1304). Remove the word 'Branch' because it doesn't apply.

  11. Thanks for the advice Fugly. I would say it more along the lines as TSS as we run aircraft squadrons using very similar methods and very rarely run stores. Thanks again

  12. Your opinion matters little. Interpretation of the regulations is what matters. You did not transfer, you left the forces, and 14 months later rejoined. As far as I can see the regulations have been correctly applied. You may warrant accelerated incremental progression, but you'll have to prove yourself first.
  13. Do you have a written offer of retaining your increment level? If not, not very much you can do.

    Look at the plus side though, if you use your prior experience wisely, you will soon be eligible for promotion and you will be paid more than a level 9 SAC anyway.

    Best of luck with your Army career, be aware though, the Army does not and should not tolerate barrack room lawyers.
  14. Thanks for the opinion and much appreciated and I can promise you that i'm no barrack room lawyer but this site can sometimes, more often than not, be like a very bad court room. Thanks again.
  15. Are we that desperate for blokes we're recruiting RAF rejects?

    At lest he didn't claim to be a LCpl equivalent.
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