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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by rvm1197, Mar 23, 2009.

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  1. l have been out of the army 3 years now, l did 8 years in the Irish Guards stationed in Germany. l left due to being attached to the Scots guards when they came over to germany to become armoured and my career went down the drain. l didnt want to go back to UK to do queens guards as the fighting role was more interesting.

    Anyway, 3 years have gone by and l miss the army, l always liked what the Air Corps do and tried to transfer a few times when l was in but being in the guards made it difficult to go over. My only option was to leave then re join. Having to wait a year before re applying l got myself into college and got a trade, but dis regarding this l still want to join up.

    l have just urned 30, still fit and not forgotton a thing. My questions are if l could get them answered are,

    what is life like in the AAC?
    where are they stationed? where are they currently serving?
    what roles are there?
    if l had right apptitude would l be able to take pilots test?
    are they over manned? If so l wouldnt want to serve in alongside an infantry regiment, if l did what would l do?
    whats the worse parts of being in the AAC? scare me.....flying doesnt.
    whats the retention like? many stay or many leave? In the guards everyone wanted to leave.
    Do l keep my rank once l join and pass training? l was a corporal.

    l am going into the careers office tomorrow to speak to Sgt Steve Hoyle, l will ask him these questions too but other opinions always appreciated. l am really eager to get back in, l just hope l get in.
  2. RVM, I would be pretty sharp if I was you as the Pilots age tends to be flexible, you would need to be L/Cpl to get onto the course and that could take a couple of years. As to the promotion, I would imagine you'll have to do some of the Air Corps courses first (sigs, MT, handler etc) before promotion.

    Not too many big bases left, Wattisham, Dishforth, NI, and MW, they have a few small dets around the World which are pretty good. Belize,Brunei,Canada.

    Ops wise, couldn't really comment as I left 18months ago but I'm sure that you can guess about where and the tempo.
  3. thats much appreciated giving the info on what l was after, l am going in today to sign the reservists form, why did you get out? why do people leave the AAC? alot left the guards cause they hate the Bulls%^t that comes with being as smart and immaculate as the guards have to be, plus the made up rules that come with it. painting grass green for when a brigadier came to visit which never happened!!

    l was told l might have to wait a year to get in, but that says to me if they are over manned then the retention muct be good.
  4. Thats one way of looking at it. Or another way could be that the AAC is an attractive job so is always over subscribed. It doesn't mean we are able to keep the right people (experienced, qualified and good at what they do). The manning figures don't take in to account experience.

    Good by comparison to some other Regts/Corps.

    Dishforth 9 Regt (Lynx) Iraqistan
    Wattisham 3&4 Regts (AH) Afghanistan
    Odiham 657 Sqn (Lynx)
    Aldergrove 5 Regt (Gazelle, Islander) Deploying in most theatres
    Middle Wallop 2 (Trg) Regt (Everything).
    Germany - 1 Regt Gutersloh (Lynx) Iraqistan
    Belize 7 Flt (Bell 212)
    Brunei 25 Flt (Bell 212)
    Canada 29 Flt (Gazelle)

    Groundcrew - Signals, MT, Supply, Refueller, Re-arming.
    Aircrew - Aviation Crewman (Door Gunner), pilot.

    Yep. Be quick though as age may be against you.

    Read my openiing paragraph

    In theatre, some AAC soldiers are supplementing some infantry units but its not the 'norm'. I'd guess with your background, you may be a prime candidate.

    AAC = Anti Admin Corps. You will behold some wondrous attempts at man management only ever seen in editions of the Beano. As with any other job, there are pants parts and there are good parts. Depends what your expectations are. Generally speaking, its a lot more grown up than the grunts. And with your maturity and experience, you should be ok so long as you don't 'billy big time' it. The Corps is made up of people from other Regts and Corps so you're not anything new. I used to be a grunt and timex used to be a bloody Royal Marine! ;)

    Depends who you listen to. Officially the Corps is fully manned on the ground side but again, read my first paragraph.

    Substantive? Junior Brecon? Not too sure on the rulings now but be prepared to drop a rank for a little while. As timex suggests, you'll need to trade qual initially.

    Timex left because he was very, very old. :D (We still miss him though..)
  5. The AAC is officially over-manned but is still mobilising the AAC (V), albeit in small numbers, for OP HERRICK. Granted, this is mainly to prove that the concept for 6 Regt works...
  6. wow, thanks for the response, again much appreciated. l went in today to see S Hoyles and have to go in to get more paper work signed, ive filled out the re enlistment form already, just really keen to get in. wonder why l left it so long. l dont care what l have to do to get in, im ready.

    Does anyone know of the whereabouts or in contact with Captain Oswald MVO? l know him well, he used to be in the Irish Guards and keen to speak with him.

    What you said about what l will be doing when l am in sounds much more interesting that section attacks!! lol
    They said l could end up waiting a year to get in but apparently there is already dates for new intakes, one gone and another in August, so why do l need to wait a year?
  7. Timex left because he was very, very old. :D (We still miss him though)

    Harsh......................but fair. Bloody good fun though. :wink: :wink:
  8. As it will take him (mucker g) that long to sort his admin out!!! :lol:
  9. He's getting better then. :roll:
  10. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Last seen at 3 AAC (Wattisham) - top bloke.
  11. S Hoyles said he migth be in pirbright, any idea what barracks? anyone know who will have his number?
  12. Must be as he is the first man many will see before they join up!!! :lol: