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hi all,
I appreciate there are a ton of threads relating to this but I think every individual case is very different so here goes, I joined the army in 1996 and left in 2003, I was then compulsory mobilised to Iraq in 05 and then afghan in 07. I then re-joined full time in 09 and I'm still serving now but have decided to take 18/40.

this decision was based on the pension forecast I asked for, just so everybody is clear I was advised to aggregate my pension onto the 05 so I had a solid block which I did to protect my future and hopefully leave with a good pension. the initial forecast indicated I'd get the 10k resettlement money but now I'm going through the minefield of pension my most recent forecast was much much lower than the first to the tune of 10k funnily enough. I'm now at the point where I know what I'm getting EDP wise and monthly based on the 18/40 but I don't understand if time carried on due to no break in service over 4 years (reserve tours) why am I not eligible for this? It's annoying that my service is classed as different to that of a friend who has the same service time but in one block. he almost gets double to what I do for the same rank and time in service.

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