Re-join or not re-join????


Just wondering if anyone would be able to help out with the following;

Mrs 'Tech Genius' left the corps 3 years ago after birth of our son, she is now thinking of re-enlisting. She was origanlly an Operator but would like to get into nursing (QA or RAMC).

would she have to go through basic trg again?

Theres a lot of things here that MCM div desk officers would have to take into account as if she is a Re-Enlister or Re-Reservist (this goes on times served etc aswell) The best thing to do is go into the ACIO and get the recruiter to send either a D500 (reservist) or 203 (special enlistment) up to the QA desk officer and let them make the decision. Remember to take in her record of service etc which will have all the info they need on her previous service. If she is just a Re-reservist she may just need to go and do a medical at the ADSC and not do the full recruit selection. One of the biggest problems being that shes not going back into the same trade as before.

As said the Recruiters at the ACIO would be able to give you the current policy on this.

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