Re-Join Bounty!!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by BennyBlanco, Mar 24, 2006.

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  1. Having recently rejoined,seen on the RE website that there is a £6k rejoin bounty......dont suppose anyones got any info on this?! Also where would i stand on the 5 & 8 yr bonuses.....seeing as incentive is all the rage!!
    Cheers Benny
  2. pretty sure the 8K bonus was if they asked you to join up again, i know they offered it to one of my mates (sparky)

    5 & 8 year bonuses i cannot pass comment on, sorry.

  3. Dont really know about your question Benny, but Im just about to re-join.
    Was wondering about afew things, and thought ull probably know. Did you go back on the same pay level as when you left, also did your Lssa days carry over. Someone also told me when you sign back on you have to start with the new pension sceam and to keep your old one you have to change it over to the new sceam?
    Can you shed any light on this for me, cheers
  4. rejoin on new pension scheme. also applies to the forthcoming 'career break'.
  5. Think i'm still on the old one........
  6. i re en listed in mar 2002 when u re enlist coulour div mcm will give u a new run out date that takes into account of ur previous service if the projected date including ur previous service comes to 22 yrs then ur on the old scheme still. if it only comes to 18 yrs then ur on the new scheme for info purposes the re enlist bounty is only for certain cap badges and trades i didnt get it , but i kept all my seniority and rank and was promoted within 6 months of being back in so was on a winner on that score and just for peice of mind was the best move i made been back in 4 yrs no regrets.