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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by phys ninja, Mar 5, 2013.

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  1. Opted out of royal marine training due to not feeling it was right for me at that moment in time although i really enjoyed it. Anyone know the rules on joining the army after opting out of a different service? is it a 12 month wait or can i just apply straight away etc?

  2. I would go to an AFCO and ask, they may ask why you think the Army will be "for you" whereas the Royal Marines "was not feeling right for you". However with you being a Phys Ninja, I imagine they will snap you up quick time.......

    Out of interest why did you really opt out? ;P
  3. Honestly i didn't really get a choice. had d &v, missed an exercise, got told i was getting backtrooped then all of a sudden i got called into the sergeants office who said the co didn't accept me getting backtrooped and i missed a lot of important stuff and i was already behind on everything. so i got giving the option to opt out before i get discharged basically. got told i would be able to go straight into the army if i opted out by my troop commander but the afca navy seemed to think it was atleast a 12 month wait before i could join any other force. Do you know about goin straight into the ta or anything like that as well?

  4. That all adds up, not.
    Go to AFCO and see, no-one here can really help you, even with such a convincing reason to Opt out. If the Corps had wanted to keep you, then Hunter Coy would have had you prior to slipping you into a new troop.

    May be something in these;
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  5. I'm in the same predicament but I DAORd from the army due to the problems at home
    But in all fairness, leaving was the biggest mistake of my life. Process of going back in now. Been a civvi for 47 days... Would rather be on exercise than at home haha!

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  6. To be brutally honest phys ninja, your post suggests that RM didn't really want you(?)

    Perhaps there's more to it than you have said?
    RM was "not for right you" but you jumped before you were pushed. Were you struggling?

    As I have said (repeatedly) before. The army is no longer a job that anyone can walk into if they can't get anything better. It can afford to be very selective, so if you did have problems your chances would seem slim.
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  7. You got backtrooped (nothing to be ashamed of) and threw a tantrum because you had to leave your mates behind, didn't you?

    Why would the CO care about 1 recruit dropping back 2 weeks? It happens all the time throughout RM training.

    If you want an honest answer, give an honest reason why you left training. Don't start blaming everyone else, as I doubt a recruiter interviewing you will appreciate that as much as you just admitting the truth.

    Edit: when you leave they attach a note on whether to recommend further service, and this is borrowed from a RM forum:

    Generally former recruits are given discharge with rejoin recommends of :

    "Yes, Now"
    "Yes, but not before XX months (or until medically fit)"
    "No RM, Yes other service"
    "No, any service"

    Obviously there are different angles to each case, but "No RM, Yes other service" is usually what it says, even after many years have elapsed.

    So what do your discharge papers say?
  8. You pretty much nailed it. I was struggling with admin a lot to begin with which eventually lead me into lack of sleep causing lack of concentration and lack of studying. flapped quite a lot but started picking it up towards the end, think it was too little too late I guess. If i went into the army I'd be going in with the knowledge I left with so I'm sure I wouldn't struggle and would be able to keep on top of things.
  9. I was put through to get back trooped but it got refused and didn't throw a tantrum. I only got a certificate of discharge but no discharge papers with recommendations but the CO did say 24 months or I could join another service to me. Not blaming the CO or anyone else. Don't think i was being clear enough though didn't want to say the full story on here because it was a bit complicated. There was so much stuff that lead to me opting out. main reason for me having to make that option was proobably my poor admin
  10. Hi All,

    I'm in a similar boat, I left training RM this year. I opted out due to family problems, I was generally doing ok but thought I needed to be home. Anyways I miss it a lot now, and want to be back, Basically I was given the minimum return time to re-apply, they really tried to talk me out of leaving saying I'll regret it... they were right. Just wondering if anyone knows if that is 6 months before I can start the application process or 6 months before I could be back in training (if I passed all the selection in time)?

    Thanks a lot